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a monosaccharide sugar that contains the aldehyde group or is hemiacetal

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The use of p-methylimidazole as a solvent and catalyst for the preparation of aldononitrile acetates of aldoses.
The oxidation of the primary alcohol group of aldoses of sugar derivatives in the tumor cells results the uronic acid production and leads to the formation of glucuronic acid lactone which is an esterified form of glucuronic acid.
Acid-catalyzed reductive amination of aldoses with 8-aminopyrene-1,3,6-trisulfonate.
Aldose reductase has a broad substrate specificity and will catalyze the reduction of a number of aldoses (Hayman and Kinoshita, 1965).
In contrast, the activity of aldose reductase remained at about 8 [micro]mol/min [multiplied by] mg protein throughout germination [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4 OMITTED].