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antihypertensive drug (trade name Aldomet) used in the treatment of high blood pressure

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She [Melinda] was on a very old fashioned blood pressure medication called Aldomet.
Brown: fava beans or rhubarb; sorbitol; senna (a laxative); and such drugs as Aralen, Robaxin, Aldomet, Flagyl, and Macrobid.
Antihypertensives (with central nervous system effects) -- Aldomet, Wytensin, Tenex, Catapres, Ismelin, Hylorel, reserpine, Inderal, Corgard, Tenormin, Blocadren, Lopressor, Visken, Normodyne/Trandate, Sectral, Levatol, Cartol, Isoptin/Calan/Verelan, Kerlone
Your physician may prescribe a medication that improves blood circulation such as Procardia, Aldomet or Minipress.
Tenders are invited for Tab Methyldopa Aldomet 250 Mg/500 Mg
Ativan Nembutal Lanoxin Butalan Noludar Procan Centrax Restoril Aldomet Dalmane Serax Catapres Luminal Tranxene Benadryl Halcion Valium Compazine Librium Xanax Zantac Limbitrol Haldol