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There are 36 species of alders worldwide in the Betulaceae Family and one trait they share in common is a love of water.
While alders are fast growers, the trees have relatively short life-spans of 60 to 100 years.
Mr Malcolm Morse, prosecuting, said Dunwoody and the victim had a brief relationship but Miss Alders finished with him because of his excessive drinking.
Then, in a dramatic gesture, the defendant put the blade of the knife to his own stomach and told Miss Alders to kill him, the court was told.
This older alder is growing on the west side of Jumilla Avenue between Strathern Street and Roscoe Boulevard in Canoga Park.
PHOTO : Alders loaded at an Olympic Peninsula tree farm (right) will wind up as chips, like the ones on this ship in the Port Angeles harbor (below), bound for Japanese pulp and paper makers.
Still, out in the great conifer forests of the Pacific Northwest, such timber giants as the Weyerhaeuser Company are seriously studying the feasibility of starting plantations of red alder - a tree that Northwest loggers traditionally have regarded with all the enthusiasm of a farmer contemplating a pasture full of thistles.
Ones who are so competent and experienced that they give our customers an added value our competitors find hard to match," says Mats Alders, President and CEO of Cyber Com.
Making use of the networks of our employees has proved to be the best method of recruitment," says Mats Alders.
While alders grow quickly, the species is not generally a long-lived one.
In the United States and Canada, other alders include sitka alder (Alnus sinuate), which is mostly shrub size in the areas where it grows in the United States and Canada, but tree-sized in the higher elevations of Oregon and in Alaska.
Other alders from North America include sitka alder (Alnus sinuata), which grows as far as the Arctic Circle in Alaska; mountain alder (Alnus tenuifolia) which is a short, shrub-like tree; California alder (Alnus rhombifolia) also called white alder; and Arizona alder (Alnus oblongifolia) or Mexican and New Mexican alder.
ALDER, ALSO KNOWN AS red alder and Western alder, is one of the most common.
LOTTERY cash could help pay for a new-look Alder Hey hospital.
Health chiefs want to rotate Alder Hey by 90 degrees, rebuilding on half of its existing site and half of the park in West Derby