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a member of a municipal legislative body (as a city council)

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The jury included a member of the Ithaca city planning department, an alderperson, two Cornell University architecture professors, and a local artist.
Varied resources in the university school of nursing, local school, and community were shared with the nursing students, and they explored a wide range of additional resources such as local law enforcement and fire protection agencies, the offices of the Secretary of State and local alderperson, private dentists, and friends who were elementary school teachers.
It is sponsored by Broadway business owners, with assistance from Aurora alderpersons and Aurora Downtown, a nonprofit organization of business and property owners in downtown.
The 11 alderpersons represent 11 districts, serving 2-year terms, with all alderpersons elected every two years.
From left to right: Maureen Nardacci (City Clerk), Alderpersons Dominick Tagliento, Rich Mooney (rear) and Pat Jackson; Mayor Dwyer, Kathy Jimino, County Legislator Mike Stammel, and Robert Pasinella Jr.