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a member of a municipal legislative body (as a city council)

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With no violations or related crimes reported so far, some aldermen said they see no reason to end a program that also helps local businesses remain competitive.
the alleged disclosure of confidential information which related to a closed session of Council held on 5 December 2016; events and circumstances of the Councils 12 December 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM), including concerns of ratepayers who attended the AGM; evidence of hostility at council meetings and in communications between aldermen and senior staff members; and media reports regarding police being called to Council meetings and abusive behaviour from members of the community towards certain aldermen.
Ex-councillor Roger Johnston says the group of Aldermen were appointed more than a year ago but have yet to be given their formal badges, which csot around PS550 each to produce.
David Crawford, a representative for the company, told aldermen that they recently launched websites for Sharkey and Yazoo counties.
NEW HONOUR: Honorary aldermen, from left, Dave Batten, Trevor Webb OBE, Joan Wright and John Gazey.
Alderman Kerrigan said later: "It appeared that the Lord Mayor had already given a spare robe to another alderman and it was very unfortunate that as all the aldermen turned up for the meeting the one I had was the only one left.
There are no formal rights but it is normal for honorary aldermen to be invited to civic and ceremonial events.
Castle Morpeth Borough Council is planning to confer the prestigious title of Honorary Aldermen on its members for the final time before it disappears under the switch to unitary local government.
CHICAGO MAY revise its strictest-in-the-country ban on using cell phones while driving--but only because one of the city's aldermen got caught breaking the law.
Decades after Despres' tenure on the council, aldermen still vote with the mayor most of the time.
He meets both of the qualifications, which are that Aldermen must have been a councillor for 15 years or served for at least 12 years as a committee chairman.
Muhammad Afzal's bid to become one of the city's aldermen - a status almost automatically conferred on long-standing former councillors - was blocked by Liberal Democrats and Conservatives on a 61-42 vote.
Aldermen tended to have the senior positions in an authority because they were normally the longest-serving members.
Daley, four years after his election as mayor, was successfully courting--critics would say co-opting--some of the city's most respected Black leaders, offering city services and contracts to woo ministers, heads of community organizations and even other aldermen, who not long before had sworn they were committed members of the city's independent movement.
Name the political issue or social cause du jour, and the aldermen in this Triangle town probably have adopted some sort of resolution or public statement on the topic.