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the brightest star in Taurus

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Aldeberan Robotics' Pepper robot took the stage alongside Maisonnier and greeted the audience in Arabic during a session on robots, when Maisonnier reminded it they were at the summit in Dubai.
But it had not all been poor observing at the Cape, as Ainslie explained that the clearness and beauty of the night sky, especially in January, when 'the glorious procession of stars from Capella and Aldeberan, through Orion, Sirius and Canopus down to the Southern Cross and alpha and beta Centauri passed overhead' had impressed him more than anything else, except, perhaps, the Victoria Falls.
In what film were Aldeberan Antares Atair Rigel seen?
EW products include Eurofighter DASS, MIDS, C-295 transport aircraft EW; P-3 EW; and Aldeberan and Alnath shipboard EW for the F-I 00 frigate.
On that listed victory at Kempton, John Dunlop's charge stormed into the lead at the furlong pole and galloped on to the line to beat Aldeberan by two lengths.