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the brightest star in Taurus

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Contractor address : Ati Costituenda Tra Consorzio Aldebaran Societ Cooperativa Sociale Di Bologna (Capogruppo Mandataria) E Sol.
Aldebaran will pass behind a waxing crescent moon on March 4.
APRIL 10 The waxing crescent Moon occults Aldebaran for much of the U.
The stars, like Aldebaran are so far away that they appear as points of light.
TYNE SHIPPING MOVEMENTS Arrivals Date/Time Name From To 2207 0845 Princess Seaways Ijmuiden RoRo 3 2307 0600 Aldebaran J Tees Cont Term 2307 0630 Marina Southampton Northumbrian Quay 2307 0845 King Seaways Ijmuiden RoRo 3 2307 1500 City of Amsterdam Emden RoRo 4 Edinburgh 2307 2100 Marina Northumbrian Quay Sailings Date/Time Name From To 2207 1159 HHL Congo OTP Quay Shepherd Sea Sea 2207 1159 Abis Bilbao OGN Angle Quay West 2207 1159 Sichem Iris Ocean Berth Genoa 2207 1700 Princess Seaways RoRo 3 Ijmuiden 2307 1159 Aldebaran J Cont Term Grangemouth 2307 1700 King Seaways RoRo 3 Ijmuiden
Al-Saadoun added that Aldebaran star will link up with the moon at 1 degree northwards, thus the star will be overshadowed and will not be visible in the Arab region.
Chief of Aldebaran Robotics Bruno Maisonnier says humanoid robots made by the company are already popular inside schools and old-age homes.
Aldebaran Robotics' "ASK NAO" robot, which is about two feet tall, mimics an emotion with gestures and sounds, and waits for children to recognize the emotion.
President of the Arab Science and Technology Foundation Dr Abdulla Al Najjar was guest speaker at the launch, along with Aldebaran Robotics chief science officer Dr Jean-Christophe Baillie - who spoke about robotics and introduced the audience to Aldebaran's robot NAO.
The French firm Aldebaran Robotics, a world leader in humanoid robotics is presenting its NAO humanoid robots at the Doha Aspire4Sport 2012 trade show to be held from November 12 to 15.
Aldebaran Robotics, the world leader in humanoid robotics, has released its latest version of the NAO robot - NAO Next Gen.
French-based Aldebaran Robotics, in which Intel Corporation has invested capital, were in town to showcase the power of robots in the classroom to Middle East academia and research institutions.
According to the editors of StarDate magazine, the Moon stands closest to Aldebaran, the bright star known as the eye of Taurus, the bull, an hour before dawn on Tuesday the 26th in the eastern sky.
The Aldebaran colt's sole start at two yielded a close-up second to the more experienced Mustaqer at Headquarters, and he arrived at Newbury last month with a fair reputation.
slave) robot, Paris-based Aldebaran Robotics is developing an automaton for its Project Nao initiative.