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(Greek mythology) a woman who was turned into a kingfisher


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Ovid's reference to the drowned husband of Alcyone already has a connotative function of its own, but Marlowe seizes upon this and carries it further: his Leander will be identified, rather than with Ceyx, with the impersonation of the latter by Morpheus, that is, with the ghost which appears to Alcyone in order to inform her of her husband's death.
These, however (as well as, again, the mention of the utter silence of the place), refer us to the full story of Ceyx and Alcyone in Ovid's Metamorphoses, Book XI, where the cave of Sleep is described as follows:
The thread linking what I have called the `silence-sleep' passages in our three poets leaving virgil aside for the moment) is then a very important first step, allowing us to go from Shakespeare to ovid through Marlowe's explicit mention of Morpheus and implicit recollection (via the Heroides passage) of Ceyx and Alcyone.
Finally, the appearance of Iris in both The Tempest and Ovid's tale of Ceyx and Alcyone might serve to clinch my argument -- once I have, yet again, fought back the `intrusion' of Virgil.
But this time, the example is rather to be cherished than rejected: `In Ceyx and Alcyone appears most constant love, | Such as betweene the man and wyfe to bee it dooth behove.'(23) And although these two lovers also meet with violent death, their final metamorphosis into kingfishers brings about reconciliation and a generally happy state of affairs for more than just themselves: