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Alcopops are ready-made carbonated and bottled alcoholic cocktails that are mainly mixtures of different types of spirits and liquors like vodka or rhum and flavoring.
Mauritius-born rider Dom Tourneur and Alcopop warmed up for the Cup with an impressive three-and-aquarter-length success in the Herbert Power Stakes at Caulfield last month.
Sales of alcopops - also known as flavoured alcoholic drinks (FABs) - more than doubled from pounds 692 m in 1999 to pounds 1.4 bn in 2003.
And 68 per cent have drank alcopops, according to the Institute of Alcohol Studies.
Along with the American Medical Association and the National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACOA), CSPI has petitioned the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to revoke previously approved labels for several "alcopop" drinks, including Mike's Hard Lemonade, Rick's Spiked Lemonade, Doc Otis' Hard Lemonade and Hooper's Hooch.
Alcohol-spiked lemonade and other "alcopop" drinks "are clearly child-oriented alcohol products designed to get children to consume alcohol -- and to consume it at an early age," the AMA said in a statement.
During a Senate hearing on tax of alcoholic beverages, Cayetano asked that alcopops be pulled out from stores and its colorful packaging be replaced as it was made to look like a 'colorful' child-friendly drink when it actually has alcohol content.
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Researchers also found that 29 percent of sixth-graders, 35 percent of seventh-graders and almost 50 percent of eighth-graders correctly identified at least one of the three alcopop ads they were shown.
A SMALL design company has produced a new alcopop bottle that could stop glass-related injuries in bars and clubs across Merseyside.
And in Ireland, alcopop excise duty has been switched to a spirit rate, just as this particular tax was hiked significantly.
The Swiss parliament decided to quadruple the CHFO tax on a bottle of alcopop from CHF0.45 to CHF1.80.
'It is packaged in a very colorful packaging that is very attractive to kids and I was quite surprised because I found out that some of the outlets carrying the alcopop, they display it beside juice products,' the senator said in a subsequent interview with reporters.
A new study claims a third of 11-15-year-olds will be permitted to drink a white wine spritzer and one in 10 will be allowed an alcopop.