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Alcohol Justice also has launched a model program called Alcopop Free Zone (TM) to assist community organizing to prompt retailers to voluntarily remove the products from their shelves.
A CHILD of 10 hooked on potent alcopops is believed to be the youngest person in Britain to be treated for alcohol addiction.
Coalition efforts, campaign rallies and demands will continue at 7-Eleven and Safeway stores, and at all other alcopop retailers in Marin until the county truly is an Alcopop-Free Zone," stated Jorge Castillo, Advocacy Director for Alcohol Justice.
Earlier this week, it was revealed that alcopop sales had fallen week on week by up to 35 per cent since the summer.
Why: To encourage Marin 7-Eleven stores franchise owner to sign the community agreement supporting the Alcopop-Free Zone Marin campaign and stop selling alcopops which encourage underage consumption leading to serious alcohol-related harms
based industry watchdog, released a new report today showing convenience store giant 7-Eleven cuts prices on supersized, youth-attractive alcopops so they are cheaper than non-alcoholic energy drinks.
Will Make a Call to Action to Stop Underage Consumption of Alcopops in the Canal Neighborhood
SCOTLAND'S national drink is under threat from a spirited invasion of alcopops.
Trained on the Florieu Peninsula by Jake Stephens, Alcopop is a son of Jeune, the former Geoff Wragg trainee who went on to lift the 'race that stops a nation' 15 years ago.
Obviously it's a parent's decision whether they allow their child to drink alcohol and there is a marked difference in letting your child have a sip of weak shandy or spritzer and letting them drink alcopops.
A father of two died after being pushed during an argument over an alcopop, an inquest heard.
The study also found that the spirit and alcopop consumption is very high and is more popular than that of beer and wine among young people.
An early signal that the market could be losing its fizz came with the decision last November to axe Hooch, what many people consider to be the first alcopop.
I reckon a picture of Jeremy Clarkson driving on the M40 swigging an alcopop might do the trick.