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Mauritius-born rider Dom Tourneur and Alcopop warmed up for the Cup with an impressive three-and-aquarter-length success in the Herbert Power Stakes at Caulfield last month.
Sales of alcopops - also known as flavoured alcoholic drinks (FABs) - more than doubled from pounds 692 m in 1999 to pounds 1.
And 68 per cent have drank alcopops, according to the Institute of Alcohol Studies.
It's in two traditional alcopop flavours - Lemon and Wild Berry - with an ABV of 3%, which is less than the market average.
This is especially so in Britain, the nursery of the alcopop, where Smirnoff Ice and its ilk were first launched, and where these drinks are still most consumed.
According to the World Health Organization, these drinks account for around a quarter of all alcopop sales in Switzerland, according to the World Health Organization.
A new study claims a third of 11-15-year-olds will be permitted to drink a white wine spritzer and one in 10 will be allowed an alcopop.
I reckon a picture of Jeremy Clarkson driving on the M40 swigging an alcopop might do the trick.
People will get excited about a cocktail in a way they never will about an alcopop.
Drinks giants Bass are ploughing pounds 6 million into a campaign to promote their controversial alcopop Hooch.
Licensed to swill' -- The Daily Telegraph, January 1996 `New rules for alcopop sales inadequate, say campaigners' -- The Guardian, January 1996.
DEMAND for rose wine is surging as the alcopop generation develop a taste for the pink stuff.
A 'cheeky Vimto' is a double port mixed with a bottle of WKD blue alcopop.
Two Dogs, the original lemon alcopop, was born there.