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Synonyms for alcoholize

subject to the influence of alcohol

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treat or infuse with alcohol

make alcoholic, as by fermenting

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(2005) treated liver abscess in five dog and a cat by percutaneous drainage and alcoholization where the amount of 95% Ethanol injected was equivalent to half the amount of exudates removed and was aspirated after three minutes through the previously positioned spinal needle.
This communication records successful management of liver abscess in a dog by ultrasound guided percutaneous drainage of abscess and subsequent alcoholization. The treatment method is minimally invasive and effective for liver abscess as the dog recovered uneventually.
Multiple liver abscesses in dogs secondary to the liver fluke Metorchisconjunctus treated by percutaneous transhepatic drainage and alcoholization. Canadian Vet.
After the chronic alcoholization, the rats had been divided in 4 groups: control (Gc), that it soon suffered to euthanasia after the nineth month; treated (Gt), they stopped to ingest alcohol and started treatment with oil of copai-ba through oral administration (gavage) during 11 days; water (Ga), which did not receive treatment and stopped to ingest alcohol since the nineth month; group alcohol (the GAL), continued to receive cashasa.
"Gosudarstvennaya politika kak faktor alkogolizatsii naseleniya" [State Policy as a Factor of Alcoholization of the Population], Sotsiologicheskie Issledovaniya 24(4): 109-116.
The patient then underwent US-guided percutaneous alcoholization; no signs of disease progression in the liver or recurrence in the head and neck have been observed since then.
Accordingly, this cerebral-physiological-genital alcoholization, as it were, tends to remove "moral" blocks and brings on a lighthearted, often reckless and sexually responsive state of mind (p.