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a chronic disease interfering with the normal functioning of the liver

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For the absolute 10-year risk of alcoholic liver cirrhosis, the YKL-40 percentile was calculated as a function of age in years and plasma YKL-40 in [micro]g/L with the following equation (23):
Alcoholic liver cirrhosis is controlled by a number of genes, each of which makes a small overall contribution.
Participants were categorized as alcoholic liver cirrhosis (ALC); alcoholics with liver steatosis on ultrasound and elevation of ALT as alcoholic liver damage (ALD); alcoholic liver steatosis and normal liver enzyme levels as alcoholic fatty liver (AFL); and alcoholics with normal appearance of the liver on ultrasound and normal liver enzyme levels as alcoholic controls.
Researchers studied 123 patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis (43) who took 1200 mg per day of SAMe or placebo for two years.
A 61-year-old Chinese man with a history of psoriasis and alcoholic liver cirrhosis sought treatment for left ankle swelling, erythema, and tenderness.