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The Housewives' Association, a Tokyo-based civic group, has asked the FTC to take measures to prevent relevant makers and retailers from placing such misleading descriptions on labels of alcoholic drinks.
Table - 3 Import taxes on alcoholic drink in several countries Country & type of alcoholic drink Import, taxe(% of CF) Singapore : Average 45% Malaysia : - Beer import duty 85% - Wines 262% - Spirits/Brandy 65% Thailand : - Beer import duty 30% - Wine & spririts 45% China : - Beer import duty 80% - Wine & spirits 160%
Relatively low prices in relation to alcoholic drinks have also helped sales.
On alcoholic drinks with a retail price of up to Rp 7,500 or with an alcohol content of up 2%, the duty is now Rp 750 as compared to Rp 500 under the old tariff.
Gain insight into the types of alcoholic drinks that older consumers are buying into now - and what is likely to be popular in the future.
Nearly half of global consumers aged between 25 and 34 say the quality of the production process is important to them when it comes to choosing alcoholic drinks.
Get a detailed picture of the Alcoholic Drinks market;
Public health spokesman David Rogers said: "An average pint of beer has around 250 calories in it and yet most alcoholic drinks don't have to put any kind of ingredient labelling on cans and bottles.
The bill would allow counties to ask voters to approve the tax on alcoholic drinks consumed on premises where they are sold, such as bars and restaurants.
This may offer the first molecular explanation for why people with esophagitis should avoid alcoholic drinks, says Davis.
7% rise in sales of alcoholic drinks (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Entertaining spellings aside ("Shame Paine," "Battle & Janes," "Milkcalob"), the children showed an amazing ability to rattle off their parents' (or maybe their own) favorite alcoholic drinks.
Over 2012-2016, alcoholic drinks growth is expected to continue to be driven by emerging markets, while high debt and slow economic recovery continue to impact mature markets.
USPRwire, Mon Nov 02 2015] The alcoholic drinks market in Uzbekistan continued to develop in 2014.
The performance of beer is especially strong in the alcoholic drinks market, which is widely preferred by consumers.