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Between 2006 and 2016, the share of alcoholic beverages in total household expenditure remained roughly stable in the vast majority of Member States.
Among the trash left were bottles and cans of beer and other alcoholic beverages, plastic water bottles and plastic bags.
Overall data analysis of the Flavored Alcoholic Beverages market in West Europe.
FSSAI is in the process of preparing standards for alcoholic beverages and the best global practices in this regard are being referred to.
This change applies only to alcoholic beverages the alcohol proof of which is above 30.
If businesses do not comply with these rules, they will not be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages.
Speaking at the meeting, Celik said that what the Turkish government did, regarding alcoholic beverages, was to make all consumption registered within international and European Union (EU) norms.
Consumers are cautious with just about everything right now, not just alcoholic beverages.
9 percent, while the average prices of alcoholic beverages
The military exchange services purchase alcoholic beverages for resale on military installations as part of their mission to provide quality goods and services at competitive low prices to their customers--primarily military service members and their families.
The agency recently notified nearly 30 manufacturers of caffeinated alcoholic beverages that it intends to investigate the safety and legality of their products.
Washington, December 03 (ANI): Alcoholic beverages popular among youths pull more advertisement in magazines than those favoured by adults, leading to a higher exposure of alcohol among youngsters, a new study claims.
Seven thousands unopened bottles of alcoholic beverages and some narcotics were torched in northern Kunduz province on Tuesday, police said.
The index for Food and Non Alcoholic Beverages for August 2009 decreased to 193.
Business and Professions Code section 23025 defines the "sale" of alcoholic beverages to include any of the following: