delirium tremens

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Synonyms for delirium tremens

acute delirium caused by alcohol poisoning


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Shenoy says this is especially important if you have any health issues, or regularly take medications, and if you have a history of alcohol abuse/dependence, have suffered alcohol withdrawal seizures, or have had accidents (for example, falls or car accidents) while under the influence of alcohol.
H because of his history of alcohol withdrawal seizures and acute pancreatitis.
Now, study's boffins have revealed that the flow of calcium ions into brain cells via voltage-gated calcium channels plays an important role in the generation of alcohol withdrawal seizures, because blocking this flow suppresses these seizures.
He says many may have been misdiagnosed with the condition and might instead have suffered anxiety attacks, alcohol withdrawal seizures or psychogenic attacks (seizures with a mental, not a physical cause).
Background Alcohol withdrawal seizures are a common clinical problem in patients with chronic alcoholism, and are a leading cause of first seizures in adulthood.
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