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an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess

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As doctors, we see first-hand the significant harm alcohol misuse causes our patients and their families.
Alcohol misuse was determined by giving participants the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test, which asks questions such as how often a participant binge drinks, is unable to stop drinking or feels remorseful about drinking.
Aquarius, part of Recovery Focus, is working to tackle growing alcohol misuse in the Sikh Punjabi community after university research found they are "slipping through the net" of services.
In 2013/14 Balance estimated that alcohol misuse cost the North East around PS911m including a cost to the NHS of PS242m.
This guide outlines the nature of binge drinking and alcohol misuse among college students and young adults, the causes, and methods for treatment.
Alcohol misuse means drinking more than the recommended amounts.
Hume added: "If we are to change our national drinking culture, young people must be given the education they need to make informed decisions about the impact alcohol misuse can have on their lives.
Group chair Tory MP Tracey Crouch said: "The facts of the scale of alcohol misuse in the UK speak for themselves: 1.
The aim of the competition is for people to come together and have a fun day, but also to highlight the dangers of alcohol misuse and promote the help and services on offer in Wirral to those who need it.
Alcohol misuse was found to be a strong predictor of attenuations in mismatch negativity, and alcohol's effect was even more pronounced in bipolar disorder patients than in control subjects.
To have been referred, children had either developed a drugs or alcohol habit, or were deemed at risk of addiction by schools or children's services, or were considered vulnerable to drug and alcohol misuse through exposure from a parent or other relative.
Cais Peer Mentoring Scheme helps and supports individuals who are or who have been affected by drug or alcohol misuse, to make positive, sustainable lifestyle changes.
It is estimated that alcohol misuse cost the city around PS200 million last year.
The new recommendations clarify the concept of alcohol misuse to include less severe but still hazardous drinking behaviors.
Caption: Primary care physicians can screen for alcohol misuse with a single query.