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an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess

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Surprisingly, in a recent study only half of managers surveyed knew of such a policy, although one in five believed that alcohol misuse was an increasing problem in their organisation.
Group chair Tory MP Tracey Crouch said: "The facts of the scale of alcohol misuse in the UK speak for themselves: 1.
The aim of the competition is for people to come together and have a fun day, but also to highlight the dangers of alcohol misuse and promote the help and services on offer in Wirral to those who need it.
Youths with bipolar disorder have reported lifetime rates of alcohol misuse of up to 70%, and one recent study found that the demographic group most likely to participate in weekly substance use was 20- to 30-year-old males with bipolar disorder, reported Ms.
More than half of those - 59 per cent - received treatment for cannabis misuse, while a third were treated for alcohol misuse.
Parental alcohol misuse has been identified as a factor in more than 500 child protection cases and a new campaign has been launched in the city to protect children potentially at risk because of excessive drinking in the home.
The new research data show "with high certainty" that screening adults in the primary care setting for alcohol misuse and providing brief behavioral counseling interventions for those found to be engaging in risky or hazardous drinking will yield a moderate benefit--both for individual patients and for the general public.
In 2013/14 Balance estimated that alcohol misuse cost the North East around PS911m including a cost to the NHS of PS242m.
These factors include deprivation, being a man and alcohol misuse.
Some 480 people claimed for one of several forms of disability benefit and cited alcohol misuse as the main reason, according to latest Government figures.
A Welsh Government spokesman said: "Our substance misuse strategy for Wales gives priority to tackling alcohol misuse.
Ayrshire and Arran was the worst affected NHS health board area for alcohol misuse - with 86 under-10s treated, followed by Tayside with 61 cases and Forth Valley with 33.
In addition to mapping the cost of admissions for causes directly related to alcohol misuse, the new map also reveals comprehensively for the first time the burden of a number of additional conditions in which alcohol is a significant contributory factor, demonstrating the wider health and financial impact unsafe drinking is having.
The company promotes the responsible consumption of alcohol by those adults who choose to drink and has supported more than 300 programs to tackle alcohol misuse in 49 countries.
I CAN'T believe how many times that alcohol misuse has been given as an excuse for crime.