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an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess

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There were an estimated 589,101 adults with alcohol dependency in need of specialist treatment across England in 2016-17.
To help address the socio-economic factors, both partnerships actively promote services in areas where deprivation is higher and where alcohol dependency can be greater.
services misuse tackle effects and have Health and about | |The ned for Every day we witness first-hand the damage caused by alcohol dependency to society Major Lynden Gibbs Salvation Army
What's really positive, though, is that you've managed to come through alcohol dependency and are in a far better place to create a happy life for you and your daughter.
Drinking regularly can easily lead to alcohol dependency, with patients often drinking increasing amounts over time.
THE increase in alcohol dependency is a growing problem for families having to cope with loved ones who find themselves at the mercy of this terrible condition.
Alcohol dependency alone resulted in an estimated 9,237 fewer male workers in the state's labor force in 2012, according to the research.
London, Feb 9 ( ANI ): Researchers have found that patients who undergo bypass operations could be at greater risk of drunkenness and alcohol dependency.
NEW YORK -- ABC News anchor Elizabeth Vargas is in treatment for alcohol dependency.
NHS statistics indicate nine per cent of men and four per cent of women in Britain show signs of alcohol dependency.
Living with someone who has an alcohol dependency is complicated.
Add group rooms and space for staff so that the center can provide treatment for drug and alcohol dependency on site.
Dean will have intensive sessions with specialists in treating alcohol dependency and depression.
In order to improve the situation, the report recommends synergised alcohol free grass roots events, strengthening of community law enforcement partnerships as well as identifying and strengthening referral systems to alcohol dependency treatment, support groups and services.
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