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Synonyms for alcoholism

an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess

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TECH 2000 also has application in rehabilitation centers that treat drug or alcohol related illness.
Dr Cresswell said: "The ambulance service and A&E departments see a huge increase in alcohol related illness and injuries, both accidental and as a result of violence.
And it states men dying from alcohol related illness can expect to lose 20 years of their life, with the average drinker, loses 12.2 months of his life to alcohol.
Mr Sheerman has called for swift government action and has tabled several parliamentary questions to discover the cost to the NHS of alcohol related illness and accidents caused by excessive drinking.
Increasing numbers of patients with alcohol related illness or injury are blocking beds and account for 20% of the ITU's budget Patients with alcohol-related injuries or illness also occupy 20% of beds in male medical wards and make up 12% of accident and emergency cases.
To combat this, NHS Middlesbrough is holding a Social Marketing Workshop to develop effective methods to engage with 25-35 year olds to reduce their alcohol intake, increase awareness of the signs and symptoms of alcohol related illness and of alcohol units, and to ascertain what additional support and advice the target group needs.
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