denatured alcohol

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ethyl alcohol that is unfit for drinking but is still useful for other purposes

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Website: INGREDIENTS WT% Phase A Neoheliopan HMS (Symrise) (Homosalate) 15.00 Neoheliopan BB (Symrise) (Benzophenone-3) 6.00 Neoheliopan OS (Symrise) (Ethylhexyl salicylate) 5.00 Neoheliopan 357 (Symrise) 2.00 (Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane (Avobenzone)) Neoheliopan 303 (Symrise) (Octocrylene) 2.00 Phase B Glycerin 2.00 Sylvasol 200-E70 (Arizona Chemical) (Polyamide-7 (and) 13.34 alcohol denat.) SD Alcohol 40-B (Colonial Chemicals) (Alcohol denat.) 54.66
Website: INGREDIENTS WT.% Phase A FinsolvTN 65.20 (Innospcc) (C12-15 alky] bcnzoate) Nikkol TOC 7.00 (Nikko Chemical) (Triethylhexyl citrate) Permethyl 99A 17.00 (Presperse) (Isododecane) Phase B Sylvasol 80-E70 6.80 (Arizona Chemical) (Alcohol denat. and polyamide-3) Fragrance 4.00 (Various)
SDA 3-C Ethanol 200 Proof (ADM) (Alcohol Denat.,) 60.00
INCI name: Tasmannia lanceolata fruit extract and syzygium luehmannii fruit extract and kunzea pomifera fruit extract and glycerin and alcohol denat.
Phase A Deionized water 46.53 Carbopol Ultrez 21 Polymer 0.30 (Acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer) AMP-Ultra PC 2000 (95%) 0.03 (Aminomethyl propanol) Phase B Fixate Superhold Polymer 15.68 (Polyacrylate-2 crosspolymer 30%) Schercemol DISF Ester 1.00 (Diisostearyl fumarate) Ethanol 3.00 (Alcohol Denat.) Glydant Plus Liquid 0.40 (DMDM Hydantoin (and) lodopropynyl butyl carbamate) AMP-Ultra PC 2000 (95%) 2.06 (Aminomethyl propanol) Phase C Propylene glycol 5.00 RITA PEO-18 (or) Polyox WSR-301 0.30 (PEG-90M) Deionized water 20.00 Phase D F D & C Yellow No.
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