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The Alcidae swim under the water in their search for fish.
Moreover, when moving forward in a medium denser than the air, when swimming under the water, the Alcidae appear to have a streamlined outline in which beak, neck, body and feet make a single line (Boag & Alexander 1986).
Intraspecific fledging mass variation in the Alcidae, with special reference to the seasonal fledging mass decline.
In the northern, convergent evolution of the Alcidae family has produced extant species, showing some elements in common with penguins, which are still widely distributed in the north Atlantic (Nettleship & Evans 1985).
1985) that fighting in all species of Alcidae consists in grasping with the bill an opponent's bill, neck, wing or tail, accompanied by vigorous flapping of the wings.
Coleopteres commensaux des oiseaux Alcidae au nord-est de la Sibrrie (Coleoptera, Silphidae, Agyrtidae et Leiodidae Cholevinae).
We conducted a comparative study of auklet vocalizations to elucidate vocal relationships among auklet species; this is the first comparative study for the Alcidae.
The Alcidae arose in the early Paleocene and, soon thereafter (>50 Mya), split into two branches, one containing Fraterculini plus Aethiini (Friesen et.