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According to Lacson's complaint, the rice shipments were already declared abandoned and seized in favor of the government in two rulings issued by Alcid on April 26 due to lack of import permits and payment of duties.
A problem was evident when other studies were conducted to explore how variables like migration (Lega, Alcid, Quedding, & Khumar, 2011; Locher, Lega, & Kumar, 2012), and acculturation (Lega et al., 2009; Lega & Procel, 2013) may have had an influence on womens' beliefs towards the traditional female roles.
With renewed vigor and a defined outlook, we intend to move strongly and aggressively toward the upscale-market segment, beginning with the introduction of the Sky Villas at Andrea North," Alcid said.
(9.) The annual average of remittance was US$6.5 billion from 1999 to 2001, which is the single biggest source of foreign currency for the Philippines; see Alcid, 100.
York, who soaked up a lot of second-half pressure, almost snatched the game late on, but Colin Alcid miskicked from Steve Agnew's centre with the Darlington goal at his mercy.
Guillemots apparently first diverged from the ancestral alcid lineage in the Pacific Ocean in the late Tertiary (Storer 1952; Udvardy 1963, Friesen et al., unpubl.).
Here it's not anybody's," says Alcid de Mary, who moved west with his wife, Ana, in 1979 to take advantage of the warmer climate.
Aside from the two, the panel also recommended charges against former Cagayan De Oro Port collector Tomas Alcid, ex-Customs Liaison Officer to NFA Geniefelle Lagmay, Lucio Roger Lim Jr., Rowena Lim and Ambrosio Ursal Jr.
In the documents, utility workers Allan Alcid of the office of the secretary, Lia Insigne of the general services department of the records section and clerk Butch Berrei of the Office of the Secretary, travel ed to Dubai.
Key words: alcid, British Columbia, Cassin's Auklet, female, lighthouse strikes, mortality, Pine Island, Ptychoramphus aleuticus
Monahan and his wife Deborah of Worcester; her mother-in-law, Dorothy McLellan of Auburn; sisters-in-law, Lori and her husband Robert of Chelmsford and Joy and her husband Alcid of Northfield.
For example, fledging times in Alcid seabirds are influenced by differences in growth rates and predation risks between nest and ocean habitats (Ydenberg 1989).
To accompany Teo in Dubai, travel orders were issued to utility workers Allan Alcid of the office of the secretary, Lia Insigne of the general services department of the records section and clerk Butch Berrei of the secretary's office.
In this study, we describe four records of colour aberrations in the most abundant alcid in the Palaearctic (Stempniewicz, 2001)--the dovekie (Alle alle).
The model proposes that individual alcid chicks leave the safe, slow-growth habitat (the nest) to enter the dangerous, fast-growth habitat (the sea) at the mass and age that will maximize mass at the end of the growing season while minimizing mortality risk.