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Synonyms for alcoholism

an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess

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His new book 'Second Best - My Father and Me' details plenty of incidents of how badly an alcholic can behave.
The fourth version is set to present a contempary version of the love affair between a failing and alcholic male star and a young female artist who is finding her way to stardom.
Patients were excluded from the study if they had alcholic or chronic smoker.
The resulting botched operation turned the young woman into an alcholic and caused her early death.
The lawyers said: "The introduction of minimum pricing in Scotland is likely to introduce barriers to the free movement of alcholic beverages contrary to EU law."
gabonensis, pasteurisation temperature were not significant (p>0.05) on alcholic content of the product, but pasteuristion time was (p<<0.05).
AN ALCHOLIC faces prison for racially abusing a Tyneside shopkeeper.
4.1 3.5 Alcholic Beverages 6.0 NA Bakery 3.7 2.1 HBC 3.4 3.7 Pharmacy 2.0 2.5 Floral 0.8 0.2 One-Hour Photo 0.5 NA (*)Progressive Grocer estimate Note: Table made from bar graph Grand opening date Oct.
The diagnostic terms that swarm through popular psychology vernacular--Recent Wealth Syndrome, Impostor Syndrome, Shopping Addiction, Internet Dependence and ACOA (Adult Child of an Alcholic)--stretch ever further into everyday life.
Wholesale Trade Anchorage, AK 99501 Business Description: 264-0235 Fax: 264-0259 Licensed wholesale alcholic beverage Key Personnel: distributor, franchised soft drink John Odom, Chairman/CEO bottler/distributor and full service William Odom, EVP vending.