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Synonyms for alcoholism

an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess

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The chubby centre-forward was furious at the news, claiming: "This is blatant discrimination - they've put up with any number of junkies and alchies down the years, but just because I'm partial to the odd suckling pig they're getting rid of me."
And it's not hard to understand why we are a nation of alchies and they seem to be able to drink nearly as much, but still appear to be more civilised.
She said he shouted towards the flats, "making threats about taking people on" and "making reference to 'alchies'".
The Alchies lost out 8-3 to Hot Boys FC for who a first half hat-trick from Manjat set them on their way and Untouchables hopes of moving up the ladder was frustrated by Under Pants who picked up a slick 9-6 success despite a five-goal show from Bucknall for the losers.
Dingwall, Mills and Barlow (2) scored the goals that inspired Surreal Madrid to a 4-2 victory over Lewis Legends, but Alchies went down 5-2 to Hi Speed.