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one who was versed in the practice of alchemy and who sought an elixir of life and a panacea and an alkahest and the philosopher's stone

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With a confusion of ideas only to be accounted for by my extreme youth and my want of a guide on such matters, I had retrod the steps of knowledge along the paths of time and exchanged the discoveries of recent inquirers for the dreams of forgotten alchemists.
And, in fine, of false sciences I thought I knew the worth sufficiently to escape being deceived by the professions of an alchemist, the predictions of an astrologer, the impostures of a magician, or by the artifices and boasting of any of those who profess to know things of which they are ignorant.
Doctor Cacaphodel, the alchemist, returned to his laboratory with a prodigious fragment of granite, which he ground to powder, dissolved in acids, melted in the crucible, and burned with the blow-pipe, and published the result of his experiments in one of the heaviest folios of the day.
The care imprinted in the lines of Caleb's face, and his absorbed and dreamy manner, which would have sat well on some alchemist or abstruse student, were at first sight an odd contrast to his occupation, and the trivialities about him.
This, according to the big brother, was the dwelling-place of an alchemist "old and grey with a long beard.
In this revelatory volume, the lives and experiments of several female alchemists are chronicled.
Alchemists believed in transmutation, or the conversion of certain substances to gold.
Lucy Armstrong, chief executive of The Alchemists and chair of Capital for Enterprise Ltd?
The story takes place in Bromptonville, a beautiful small but secluded country town just a few miles from New York, where the kids decide to become part of the most powerful, secret organization in the world -The Alchemists.
The Chemistry of Alchemy: From Dragon's Blood to Donkey Dung, How Chemistry Was Forged comes from three chemists who show how the alchemists' quest involved real science and unusual experiments in pursuit of knowledge, and use the writings of these alchemists to consider the progress of discovery of acids, alkalis, salts and more.
This ambitious book tackles the history and definition of magic, the varied roles of shamans, witch doctors, wizards, sorcerers and alchemists, and the figuring of magic in popular culture and fantasy literature today.
All that Subtle and his sidekicks need do is to dress up the reception room, disguise themselves as a team of alchemists, and wait for their eager victims to burst through the door.
Rather than concentrate on the erudite alchemical tomes, she relies on contracts, building designs, supply orders, and court records to reconstruct the daily practice of alchemists and their sometimes horrific demise.
Highlighted by computer-generated reconstructions and exclusive footage filmed in the Order's Sacra Infirmeria, among other historic European locations, The Order of the Alchemists is a singularly fascinating look into an ancient group's dedication to the twin arts of war and metaphysical studies.
The alchemists based their theories on empirical and experimental evidence, they debated among themselves and with their Scholastic contemporaries, and early modern thinkers took both their theories and their experimental practice seriously.