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genus of erect herbs of the Middle East having showy flowers: hollyhocks

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Painted lady Hollyhock (Alcea rosea) (Vanessa cardui)
Look out for rust-resistant varieties - try those of Alcea rugosa.
San Diego, CA, December 16, 2010 --( All three neighborhoods at The Foothills - Alcea, Blossom Grove and Rockrose - have new parks now open for residents to enjoy.
BASF Coatings Spa has sold its Italian production site in Burago Molgora for the manufacturing of industrial coatings to Alcea Industries Srl, effective October 1, 2010.
Foliar epidermal anatomy and palynology of the four species belonging to two genera, Alcea L.
The authors describe seed gathering: "Some seeds, such as those of morning glories (Ipomoea), and hollyhocks (Alcea)...
All hollyhock varieties are prone to attack, but one species, Alcea rugosais, is more rust resistant, and available as seed or plant from specialists.
Wine-tinted cornflowers, chocolate-scented cosmos and tall dark hollyhocks such as the nearly-black Alcea rose a `Nigra' can all add depth to the border.
Wine-tinted cornflowers, chocolate-scented cosmos and tall dark hollyhocks such as the nearly black Alcea rosea `Nigra' can all add depth to the border.
Alcea rosea "Nigra" has stout six- foot stems studded all the way up with deep chocolate maroon rosettes, typically hollyhock in shape, but much more glamorous than the usual candy colours.
(ISTE 109765) Egzama otu Malvaceae Alcea pisidica Hub.-Mor.
This week's online offer is for a pack of five Black Hollyhocks (Alcea Nigra) for just pounds 3.49 - half-price.
Hollyhock (Alcea or Althaea) THESE cottage garden favourites grow to about 1.8 metres and produce tall spires of flowers in various colours from July to September.
C2 Arq T 78 Ailanthus altissima (Miller) C1 Hemi MF cad Swingle 79 Alcea rosea L.
COPY CAT: Hollyhocks or Alcea rosea are short-lived perennials or biennials that thrive in rich, moisture-retentive soil and in a sunny spot against a house wall where they can benefit from the reflective heat.