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genus of erect herbs of the Middle East having showy flowers: hollyhocks

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Both Althaea and Alcea are closely related genera and have been fused together in the past, but up to date opinion regards the two genera as clearly distinct genera (Abedin, 1979).
2006) but surprisingly no comprehensive report exists on the quantitative characteristics of epidermal structure in Alcea, Althaea and foliar epidermal studies are totally missing from the taxonomic literature of Pakistan therefore one of the objectives of this study was to fill in this gap in our knowledge.
Seche Environnement's Alcea project was selected because of its quality technical, financial and environmental engineering.
ALCEA, SRL (Azienda Lombarda Colori E Affini) (Italy) IV-127
The genus Alcea, a member of Malvaceae family consists of approximately 75 species worldwide distributing mainly in South-West Asia.
Regarding Iran, there are only a few studies on the taxonomy of the genus, since the report of Alcea in Flora Iranica [10].
There are 60 species but the main garden favourite, thought to have some rust resistance, is Alcea rosea , also known as Althaea rosea, with flowers of purple, pink, red, white or yellow on long stems.
Several superior varieties have been bred or selected from Alcea rosea.
HOLLYHOCKS or Alcea rosea comes in a wide range of forms, with double and single flowers in a variety of colours.
99), which profiles some 35 plants any gardener would be proud to grow, from alcea, the hollyhock, to zantedeschia, the arum lily.
All hollyhock varieties are prone to attack, but there is one particularly resistant species - alcea rugosa.
Bramwell Ailanthus altissima Simaroubaceae Eurasia (Miller) Swingle Alcea rosea L.
ADRIENNE SAYS: Hollyhocks or Alcea can be grown as an annual or a biennial.
Among the favorites in both gardens are tbe biennial Canterbury bell (Campanula medium) and perennial mallows (Malva alcea and M.
alcea grows to 4 feet and bears 2-inch-wide pink flowers from spring through fall.