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Synonyms for griffin

winged monster with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion

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Metallised NatureFlex[TM] from Innovia Films was a perfect fit for us due not only to its environmental attributes but also its excellent barrier properties to keep our organic Fair Trade chocolate in premium condition," explained Nicoletta Maffini, Marketing Manager, Alce Nero.
In his "Perfit Description," which he published shortly after Alce, Digges again discusses the heavens in religious terms.
KERRY KATONA's boyfriend STEVE ALCE has dumped her - five weeks after they rekindled their romance.
Kerry, who split last week with boyfriend Steve Alce, and 10-year-old Molly were at the theme park to support the Dreams Come True charity which Kerry is an ambassador for.
The former Atomic Kitten is said to have got bored with artist Steve Alce.
In the Senior Boys, Jeremy Joseph raced to victory in a time of 11 minutes and one second, ahead of schoolmate Alce Spalding in 12.05.
Como bien lo senalan los autores, se hace "(...) necesario crear teorias de alce medio que permitan nuevas revisiones bajo el lente de otras herramientas analiticas" (2).
A post-screening followed though video conferencing with the filmmaker Alberto Alce and marked the closing of day one of the festival.
The only survivor is 12-year-old Quinn Abercromby, whose mother (Alce Krige) was chief of the construction crew.