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Moreover, to add to this complex arrangement, a family of enzymes in the nucleus also affects apoptosis (Alcain and Villalba 2009; Elliott and Jirousek 2008; Lane 2006; Sharman 2010).
The results of our study are not unswervingly similar with those of Alcain et al.,25 since we particularly excluded patients with severe concomitant disorders, in addition to those attending for emergency procedures, ASA physical status15 of greater than II and multiple intu-bation attempts.
Este numero crece cada ano, bien por la actualizacion de la base de datos o por la edicion de nuevas revistas, y una muestra de ello es que en los ultimos anos esta base de datos a incluido 121 revistas mas (vease Alcain y Lascurain, 2002).
Speaking at a meeting with the Head of the Mission and Chief Military Observer, Major General Jose Eladio Alcain, and other officers of UNMOGIP during his visit to Pakistan Headquarters of the United Nations, the AJK President said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan attach the highest importance to the second oldest peacekeeping mission of the United Nations, which has been rendering its services since 1951 with the highest degree of professionalism in pursuance of the UN Charter and the UN Security Council Resolutionss.
The dead gunman turned out to be a cop, PO3 Eugene Alcain Calumba.
Reportedly the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced the appointment of Major General Jose Eladio Alcain of Uruguay, as Head of Mission and Chief Military Observer for the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) in the first week of July, who will succeed Major General Per Gustaf Lodin of Sweden.