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verse in the meter used in Greek and Latin poetry consisting of strophes of 4 tetrametric lines


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h is certainly not a Greek alcaic, but it inveighs against stately-ism and state-ism alike, while it loosens our own notions of what "freer" verse might look like.
After 336 lines in the alcaic metre in the Roman Odes, the use of the fourth asclepiad in quid fles Asterie .
Reading it now, I am often aware of an image of his handwriting hovering in the back of my mind, as clear, nimble, and steady as his diction, which I remember from photocopied notes he would distribute in class--of an idea he might have had that morning on Mallarme, for instance, or an exposition of the varying meter of Alcaic or Sapphic stanzas--and which I am always happy to encounter again in his letters.
9) and for others in the same metre, resembling the stanza that Tennyson invented, "representing in some measure the grandest of metres, the Horatian alcaic," and used in "The Daisy" and "To the Rev.
In his "Milton" he would later produce, in what he claimed was as an imitation of not the Horatian, but the Greek Alcaic meter, sixteen unrhymed lines, the first eight of which are as follows:
The Alcaic metre used so strikingly in all six of the Roman Odes (Odes 3.
The lines, which can be scanned - - - - and - - - -, are free variants on Greek Alcaic meter; for Pound, as had often been said, the line-length was the verse unit; these line-lengths sounded a note new and sweet.