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a mayor or chief magistrate of a Spanish town

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The two men who were neighbors had no history of being at odds with each other, except for Sunday's misunderstanding between Alcade and the suspect's son, King.
The use of computers and the Internet can play a significant role in the daily life of women on bed rest (Alcade, 2011).
(25.) Iwata M, Takebayashi T, Ohta H, Alcade RE, Itano Y, Matsumura T.>; Angel v Alcade Municipal de Versalles--Valle del Cauca, (22 May 2003), Colombia T-697667, Judgment No 410/03 (Constitutional Court), online: Constitutional Court of Colombia <>.
(26.) Alcade RE, Ueyama Y, Nishiyama A, Misugughi T, Matsumura T, Kishi K.
Megavision: Juan Luis Alcade, Francisco Henriquez, Alfredo Escobar, Sofia Lopez
Pero tambien le resulta necesario un esfuerzo de "'gran narrativa' de alcade nacional", que permita un cierto equilibrio en las dimensiones.
Camera (color, widescreen), Christophe Beaucarne; editors, Matyas Veress, Susan Shipton; music, Pierre Van Dormael; production designer, Sylvie Olive; costume designer, Ulla Gothe; sound (Dolby SRD), Dominique Warnier, Jane Tattersall, Frederic Demolder, Lou Solakofski, Emmanuel de Boissieu; visual effects supervisor; Louis Morin; future graphic concept, Francois Schuiten; assistant director, Renaud Alcade; casting, Toby Wale, Fionca Weir, Joanna Colbert.
With Jessica Saxvik (Bess), Cory Kelley (Spencer), Jason Wroblewski (Goodlack), Mike Miserindino (Clem), Steve Scalabrino (Roughman),Jeff Blum (Mullisheg), Justin Farley (Alcade), Chelsea Hood (Tota), Eric Andler (Joffer), and others.