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type genus of the Alcidae comprising solely the razorbill

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28 speech in Havana, the Cuban leader urged 1,200 left-wing activists from 45 countries to "go back to their countries and sink the ALCA.
107) cita Amores brutos (Amores perros), de Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu, um filme ALCA perfeito: atochado de nikes produzidos em maquiladoras e de roque mexicano, que prismatiza a Cidade do Mexico como uma cultura diversificada, para alem da patina folclorica.
This suggestion is echoed by the consistent results of neutron activation analysis on obsidian flakes by Burger and Glascock, which indicate Alca, in the Cotahuasi valley, to be the source of the rarest stone raw material on site.
US proposed regional trade agreement, ALCA, never got off the ground; the Andean union is in tatters as Colombia and Peru seek bilateral agreements with the US; Venezuela's proposed ALBA includes only the marginal economies of Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominica and Bolivia, and most of the flows are from Venezuela to its weaker associates, and its principle trading parties still include the US and now Asia, the Middle East and Russia.
Aircraft Management Solutions, the Amsterdam-based company that develops and distributes the ALCA asset management software application for aircraft and engine lessors, entered a strategic partnership with ADS France, "interfacing the ALCA software with the highly flexible document management and retrieval system of ADS France.
Bold Bishop, runner-up to Scorned 12 months ago, is Jonjo O'Neill's sole entry, while others include the Howard Johnson-trained Chivalry, Alan Swinbank's Far Pavilions and K alca Mome from the Philip Hobbs stable.
Raul Fernandez is a professor at the School of Social Science at the University of California, Irvine and a member of the Red Colombiana de Accion Frente al Libre Comercio y el ALCA (Recalca), a Colombian trade-union group opposed to trade agreements with the US.
El ALCA: El presidente tiene en sus manos el destino del ALCA.
La disyuntiva ALCA (Area de Libre Comercio de las Americas auspiciada por los Estados Unidos) o MERCOSUR, planteada en la cumbre de presidentes celebrada en Quebec en abril 2001, desdibujo significativamente la " reemergencia " del MERCOSUR--como fue titulada la reactivacion de esta region en julio 2000 en Buenos Aires.
The tender offer was issued by the Italian Aeroporto di Roma (ADR) via the company's local partner, ALCA.
IT'S a fair old hike from the coast, but it's worth driving this far out to see the Royal Alca zar Gardens, the most beau tiful corner of the most beautiful city in Spain.
A mentalidade machista pode ser constatada abundantemente em proverbios brasileiros: "Mulher, cachaca e bolacha, em toda parte se acha"; "A mulher e a mula, o pau as cura"; "Lagrimas de mulher, valem muito e custam-lhe pouco"; "A mulher e a cachorra, a que mais cala e a melhor"; "A mulher ri quando pode e chora quando quer", "Mulher e como alca de caixao, quando um larga vem o outro e poe a mao".
Chemical Engineering Experience for Tannery Optimization, [In CD] Proceedings of XXIX Congress of the IULTCS 103rd Annual Meeting of the ALCA, p.
Ar y silffoedd cul sydd o amgylch Ynys Seiriol, roedd modd gweld y llursod (razorbill, Alca torda), a'r gwylogod (guillemot, Uria aalge), ac yn uwch i fyny ar y creigiau uwchben roedd y fulfran a'r fulfran werdd (shag, Phalacrocorax aristotelis) ac ambell i gyw wrth ymyl y mulfrain.
The Philip Hobbs-trained K alca Mome made a winning return to hurdles after landing the two-mile handicap in game fashion.