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Synonyms for album

Synonyms for album

one or more recordings issued together


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a book of blank pages with pockets or envelopes

References in classic literature ?
Erskine's color deepened, and he moved away to the table where the albums lay.
said Trefusis, deftly opening one of the albums at a photograph of a loathsome room.
Then I began to accumulate duplicate sets, duplicate albums.
She is standing alone at the table, bending gracefully over an album.
The Georgians held the album between them, and favored us with the few specimens of its contents which they considered ridiculous enough to be worth hearing.
Alone" is stated to have been written by Poe in the album of a Baltimore lady (Mrs.
Yet a risk it was, and I certainly did not smile as I bent over the album of horrors produced by our guide.
Katharine tried to interrupt this discourse, but the opportunity did not come, and she could not forbear to turn over the pages of the album in which the old photographs were stored.
Will you go and look over the photograph album that I see there?
For Rosamond never showed any unbecoming knowledge, and was always that combination of correct sentiments, music, dancing, drawing, elegant note-writing, private album for extracted verse, and perfect blond loveliness, which made the irresistible woman for the doomed man of that date.
You better go in and show her the photographs in the album.
She did not speak, but flew to her desk, and snatching thence what seemed a thick album or manuscript volume, hastily tore away a few leaves from the end, and thrust the rest into my hand, saying, 'You needn't read it all; but take it home with you,' and hurried from the room.
She is in my album," she said; "and, by the way, I'll show you by Seryozha," she added, with a mother's smile of pride.
I pointed to a little album which lay on the table by her side and which she had evidently been looking over when I came in.
I am not intrusive; I used to get on all right with card-sharpers, and I never bored Prince Svirbey, a great personage who is a distant relation of mine, and I could write about Raphael's /Madonna/ in Madam Prilukov's album, and I never left Marfa Petrovna's side for seven years, and I used to stay the night at Viazemsky's house in the Hay Market in the old days, and I may go up in a balloon with Berg, perhaps.
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