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a simple water-soluble protein found in many animal tissues and liquids

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###Group A (25gram Albumin) (n=108)###Group B (50gram Albumin) (n=31)###P value
Expander used but when LVP of more than or equal to 6 liters is performed, Albumin is superior as compared to other plasma expanders.5,19,20 However albumin is very expensive.
Key words: albumin, bromcresol green, protein electrophoresis, avian, penguin, Spheniscus species
Albumin is the most abundant protein in normal plasma and is integral to the maintenance of physiological balance.
The Immulite assay, which uses a mouse monoclonal antibody, strongly cross-reacted with albumin from baboon and rabbit, but did not cross-react with albumins from other species.
Comparison of albumin:total protein ratios for modified or fragmented albumins analyzed by 2 different assays for urinary albumin.
Methods: In the present study, the inhibitory effects of some carbohydrates (alginate, [beta]-cyclodextrin and trehalose) on the formation of nano-globular aggregates from normal (HSA) and glycated (GHSA) human serum albumin were studied; when the formation of aggregates was induced by the simultaneous heating and addition of dithiotheritol.
In this regard, many proteins such as albumin undergo the glycation process.
Albumin can be detected in the urine in very small amounts in "normal," healthy people.
One is that albumin leakage indicates a general vascular dysfunction, particularly to the blood vessel walls.
Further complicating the search for biomarkers is the high abundance of 22 proteins, including albumin and immunoglobulins, that comprise approximately 99% of the protein mass in serum (3-5).
Chicken IgY antibodies may be superior to other immunoaffinity-based albumin depletion methods because of their high affinity and specificity for albumin from multiple mammalian species (19), so we used them in this experiment.
Serum albumin displays a long half-life of 19 days in humans, in contrast to protein therapeutics, which are usually cleared from the body within a matter of minutes or hours.
Serum albumin, the most abundant circulating proteins in the body, plays a very important role in maintaining the osmotic pressure in blood vessels.
In essence, the test involves adding cobalt chloride (approximately 1.5 equivalents per albumin molecule) to a serum sample, gently mixing, and then incubating to allow albumin cobalt binding.