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a sleeve for storing a phonograph record


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She has told how much she misses him in her album liner notes and has dedicated any award she received to him.
The labels are attempting to revive the multi-track album format with new software that packages songs, traditional album liner notes, music videos, and other interactive extras as part of a premium-priced package.
Margolin, who contributes regular columns to Blues Revue magazine and BluesWax, an e-zine, had written untold album liner notes about Waters, many articles on him, and a segment of his own Web site is dedicated to Waters.
Maeda, who has written a book about Elvis and translated many Elvis album liner notes into Japanese, plays his music and movies in classes she teaches about U.S.
Gill sings on "A Christmas to Remember," and she thanks him in the album liner notes for both his sweet voice and companionship.
"All over the world there were people who lived over hundreds or thousands of years in complete harmony with nature and caused no damage to the environment," explains Micus in the album liner notes.
Marsalis points to the spiritual and connecting power of music in his 2oll Harvard University lecture, "Music as Metaphor": "The struggle at the heart of humankind and the central debate of our Constitution have been resolved by [American] musical arts for over a century." As the album liner notes add, music "lifts us out of the human problem of me versus you, and us versus y'all, and brings us to the understanding: 'all of us'"--JM