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a sleeve for storing a phonograph record


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Cool J's album jacket pictures him in a pair of black jeans, a black shirt, and basketball sneakers.
In addition to simple 'plug and play' connectivity, Pioneer enhances the overall user experience with full color graphic user interfaces including album jacket art as well as multi-zone enjoyment of personal content from any iPod and iPhone when using select receiver models.
For $25, for example, subscribers get to preview and download new music, check out "rarities and oddities available to members only," have custom tapes or CDs made, participate in online chats with Rundgren, attend a "live" online event, and receive "something in the mail that looks and feels remarkably like an old fashioned album jacket.
DeMent gets to chose what goes in the album and on the album jacket - and everything in between.
the detailed maps of each maneuver are integrated at the place of the album jacket
What sets this apart from other coverages is its attention to detail: both front and back album jackets as well as many inside shots are included, along with photos of the record itself.
The walls were covered with vintage country western album jackets and classic cowboy pictures of movie stars from spaghetti westerns, while old saddles, velvet chairs, and tiki-torches were scattered about the different seating areas.
I just followed my curiosity, and kept reading the fine print on album jackets, even if I didn't know what I was hearing.
Page never became a mainstream celebrity while she was actively modeling, but she was certainly a ubiquitous visual presence at the height of her career--gracing magazine covers, record album jackets, playing-card decks--and the measure of renown she achieved, without a hit song or a bit role or anything more than a willingness to exhibit herself more provocatively than her contemporaries, provided the template now followed by Paris, Nicole, and the dozens of reality TV stars who are semi-famous for being semi-famous.
Surprisingly, "Electric Ladyland" is filled with historical clips of Hendrix in the studio, posing for album jackets and heading to New York clubs for jam sessions after the recording sessions.
00 superb portraits and album jackets, 50 song clips, and some video clips.
Its walls are lined with album jackets and vintage photographs of Motown artists, as well as platinum records by Grammy Award-winning singer Anita Baker, Bridgforth's wife.