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type and sole genus of the family Albulidae

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How to see it: A few famous trains run through the Albula pass, particularly the Glacier Express and the Bernina Express.
At that time, however, the extent of cryptic speciation in the genus Albula revealed by molecular studies (Shaklee and Tamaru 1981, Colborn et al.
Ascia monuste utiliza-se, nos estagios imaturos, principalmente de plantas hospedeiras da familia Brassicaceae, comuns em hortas (LINK et al., 1977; PEREIRA; PASINI; OLIVEIRA, 2003) e e considerada indicadora de areas perturbadas ou matas secundarias assim como segunda especie mais abundante desta familia, a Eurema albula (BROWN JUNIOR, 1992).
Las especies Acanthurus bahianus (Castelnau 1855) fue caracteristica en lluvias; en cambio Stegastes fuscus (Cuvier 1830) lo fue en "nortes"; mientras que Albula vulpes (Linnaeus 1758) y Halichoeres bivittatus (Bloch 1791) en secas.
Age determination and year-class fluctuation of cisco, Coregonus albula L., in the Mjosa hydroelectric reservoir.
"II poeta che non ha cittadinanza e un ospite del mondo" (Confini 87), writes Albanian poet Gezim Hajdari, and his verses connote the uprootedness of the self as an incessant sequence of deaths and rebirths, as a daily creation of a new homeland, "una patria senza mappe ne bandiere," "a country with no maps or flags" (Map 132-33)--or, as we read in Mia Lecomte's "Albula," "Un rifugio che non e mai una casa," "A refuge that is never a home" (Landscape 24).
In early popular books on American game fishes, the common name "ladyfish" was used to describe various inshore coastal fish, including Albula vulpes, today otherwise known as the bonefish.
Movements and site fidelity of the bonefish Albula vulpes in the northern Florida Keys determined by acoustic telemetry.
Chemical excretions of angled bonefish Albula vulpes and their potential use as predation cues by juvenile lemon sharks Negaprion brevirostris.