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type and sole genus of the family Albulidae

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Filisur farmer Wolfgang Schutz sees a controversy heating up in the near future as dwellers in the Albula valley weigh the concept of this new 600 [km.
Recruitment of bonefish Albula vulpes, around Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas.
The World Heritage candidacy dossier, for instance, presented the village of Bever along the RhB's Albula line as an exemplary case with protected zones for nature as well as scenic beauty.
Peipsi was characterized by very high numbers of pikeperch and a concurrent decline of stenothermal fish species (vendace Coregonus albula, whitefish Coregonus lavaretus).
On completion in 1903, its Albula line was hailed as an engineering marvel with 52 bridges and 13 tunnels.
And they're my mountains," adds the retired district judge, emphasising his lifelong bond with the Albula valley that these scenic peaks represent.
The guest appearance--at a garden festival marking the 100th anniversary of the Schutz floral enterprise in the mid-Graubunden Albula valley--sparked a sharp surge in plant sales as Blumenthal flashed his trademark grin amid a crowd of admiring autograph hounds.
Passengers quickly fill four panoramic carriages for a seven-hours tour past waterfalls and deep ravines, looping into the Engadine valley, through the famed Albula Tunnel and showcasing Swiss engineering at its best--91 tunnels, 291 bridges and the 2033-metre-high Oberalp Pass.
Acknowledging this, the United Nations Economic, Social, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) may soon declare the rail network's spiralling tunnels and viaducts in the Albula valley a world cultural heritage.
Rhatische Bahn received the first new-generation trainset from StadlerRail for its Albula line to Landquart depot on 2nd December.