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type genus of the Albuginaceae

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H-K: Stained sporangia of Albugo ipomoeae-panduratae with standard dye and artificial dyes at different concentrations.
Herbacea seeds, stainer buckets, 4 fungicdes Fosetyl-Al WP, Hymexazol 30 L SC, Metalaxyl+mancozeb WP and Propamocarb EC (Table 1) and naturally fungus infested fields with Albugo capparidis DeBarry, Leveillula taurica (Lev) G.
The study meets objectives of the research and successfully evaluated the effectiveness of 4 fungicides on eradication of Albugo capparidis DeBarry, Leveillula taurica (Lev) G.
BTH malvacearum/bacterial blight Alternaria macrosporal INA Alternaria leaf spot Alternaria macrosporal BTH Alternaria leaf spot Verticillium dahliae INA Verticillium dahliae BTH Peanut Cercosporidium personatum/ INA late leaf spot Cercosporidium personatum/ BTH late leaf spot Spinach Albugo occidentalis/white BTH rust Apple Erwinia amylovora/fire BTH blight Pear Gymnosporangium asiaticum/ BTH rust Venturia nashicola/scab BTH Disease (+ or - %) ([double dagger]) SAR Pesticide Crop Pathogen/disease elicitor standard Monocots Maize Peronoscleropora sorghil -35 -31 downy mildew Wheat Blumeria graminis f.
For experiment 1, each of 12 lines (4 treatments x 3 replicates/treatment) had been independently derived from the ancestral susceptible population in four generations, selecting parents resistant to a single pathogen (Albugo, Peronospora, and Leptosphaeria treatments), or randomly selected parents in the susceptible control lines (Mitchell-Olds et al.
Compared to the random selected susceptible control lines, the resistant populations grew 14% and 11% smaller for Leptosphaeria and Peronospora, and 3% larger for Albugo. Mean dry weight in milligrams for these populations (least-square mean [+ or -] standard errors) were 23.09 [+ or -] 1.16, 25.27 [+ or -] 1.13, 28.42 [+ or -] 1.13, and 27.58 [+ or -] 1.13 for the susceptible control population.
On the other hand, resistance to Albugo was genetically independent of the other pathogens.
infected by Ustilago violacea 1, 18 Cruciferae infected by Albugo candida 15, 16
The effect of disease induced by Albugo candida (white rust) and Peronospora parasitica (downy mildew) on the survival and reproduction of Capsella bursa-pastoris (shepherd's purse).
exsurgens] 11: 14 et sustinens quasi dimidiam fere horam coepit albugo ex oculis
spatium cepit ex occulis eius quasi membra oui albugo egredi
'Reward' is a spring canola quality cultivar with white rust [caused by Albugo candida (Pers.) Kunze] resistance (Scarth et al., 1992).
The effect of disease-induced by Albugo candida (white rust) and Peronospora parasitica (downy mildew) on the survival and reproduction of Capsella bursa-pastoris (shepherd's purse).
Mapping of a locus controlling resistance to Albugo candida in Brassica napus using molecular markers.