Elbe River

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a river in central Europe that arises in northwestern Czechoslovakia and flows northward through Germany to empty into the North Sea


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This contract is the planning of the spillway tunnel between Langnau am Albis and Thalwil (SIA-phase 31 - 33: Preliminary; development; licensing procedures / Edition project) on behalf of the Canton of Zurich (AWEL Office for Waste, Water, Energy and Air).
The Albis have spent the summer selling bubble tea, a blended drink with tapioca pearls.
It is a political project to achieve hegemony over the region," says Albis Munoz, president of the national business federation, Fedecamaras.
This, perhaps, is one reason why vehicle manufacturers including BMW, VW, and Mercedes have been using a patented plastic formulation from ALBIS Plastics (in the U.
The elegiac In Albis, 1995-96, is stately yet energetic: Against a dark ground, lacy mandala-like circles a juxtaposed with a dark blue heart, ribbons, blue and white roses, circles, beads, and vertical filigree shapes suggestive of chaniers.
They had been born and abandoned by their mother in a container on a Belgian dockside, shipped to Hull and driven to the Albis plastics factory in Knutsford, Cheshire.
Major Peruvian pharmaceutical wholesalers include Qumica Suiza, Albis and Drokasa.
Invitation to tender : Project planning and implementation repair Albis, Ebertswiler-, Rifferswiler- and Zugerstrasse in the municipality Hausen am Albis, including renovation / replacement of the existing road drainage, core road with bike lanes, pedestrian protection measures and relocation and expansion of a disabled bus stop.
Curacell, recently developed using Strato5 patented technology from Albis Nonwovens, is a sandwich construction nonwoven that can be manufactured without a single drop of water.
com)-- “MORE Power to Complete Networks” is the motto of Albis Technologies and ELCON Systemtechnik at the BREKO Breitbandmesse in Darmstadt, April 28-29.
Knutsford-based materials distributor and thermoplastic compounder, ALBIS UK, has reported a successful and somewhat busy 2014, which has seen it invest in its manufacturing facilities, expand its range of recycled-content products, as well as finding time to attend some of Europe's biggest trade fairs.
Frederick Lanier in 1943; two brothers, Augustine and Joseph Pacini and three sisters, Albis Taylor, Josephine Howe and Mary Reno.
spectabilis Brongiart ex Houllet, cui similis, floribus pedicellatis, petalis albis et inflorescentia dense lepidota minorique differt.
A large player in the hygiene market with spunmelt and thermal bonded technology, Albis is now setting its sights on the wipes market.
Basell has signed agreements with Albis Hastic GmbH and Ultrapolymers Group NV to expand their roles in the distribution of Basell polyethylene and polypropylene.