Elbe River

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a river in central Europe that arises in northwestern Czechoslovakia and flows northward through Germany to empty into the North Sea


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Headquartered in Switzerland, Albis Technologies provides first-class solutions and services to its customers, partners, and end users around the world.
Albis said 13,804 assorted deadly weapons were confiscated since the crime drive started on Jan.
ALBIS says numerous tests have confirmed the new adhesion modified ALFATERXL types offer an "excellent" 2K adhesion to PA6 and PA66.
Albis' flow-line optimized (FO) nylon compounds draw on controlled pigment particle size and other proprietary technology to neutralize or eliminate knit-line defects that often mar reinforced nylon parts in black or other opaque colors.
"This is a very exciting opportunity for me coming at a time when ALBIS is continuing its International expansion and I am looking forward to contributing to its further development and working with the strong team around me," Mills told BP&R.
For ALBIS Plastic, however, 2016 sees no less than four.
Former top company veteran Western Nonwovens was sold piecemeal in a bankruptcy last year and no longer exists; Italy's Albis, a player in the hygiene market, has faced some financial troubles in its German operations, and chose not to participate in this year's report.
Exhibiting at the PPME show in Manchester last month, ALBIS demonstrated the production of parts using 'Amphora 3D Polymer AM1800' from Eastman Chemical, which the ALB IS Group is now distributing across Europe.
Henning Roettger has joined The Albis Group as director-business development effective Jan 1, 2008.
Airtech Advanced Materials Group, CA Albis Plastics, ON (D)
Italian nonwovens producer Albis has been one company taking a chance with non-Reicofil technology.
Hexabromocyclododecane (CD-75P) and tetrabromobisphenol Albis allyl ester (BE-51), and tribromophenol allyl ether (PHE-65) recommended for expanded PS foam.