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the congenital absence of pigmentation in the eyes and skin and hair

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It is enough to assume that [affairs.sub.3] stands for the state of affairs in which x is a lion, or a tiger, or an albino animal, and [affairs.sub.4] for the state of affairs in which worship by sacrifice is required towards x.
But even that can be tough for albino animals: Lack of pigmentation leads to abnormal development of their eyes and poor vision for details.
In addition, all albino animals are easier targets for predators because their white coloring makes them stand out.
She likes hummingbirds, lighthouses, albino animals, polar bears, cats and ladybugs.
"The Albino Album" is an original novel from Chavisa Woods as she presents the wanderings of a lost girl whose life brings her up against the cruel individuals who would only breed albino animals, and other bizarre individuals who would stand in her way.
However, these events are considered rare in wild populations (Walter, 1914) because albino animals are more susceptible to predation (Sazima and Di-Bernardo, 1991; Parsons and Bonderup-Nielsen, 1995) and there are a number of pathologies that can arise in association with the albinism, such as visual (Perez-Carpinell et al., 1992; Grant et al., 2001; Garipis and Hoffmann, 2003) and immunological defects (Manglani et al., 2004; Summers, 2009; Carretero et al., 2009).
Dr Jon Barnes, a specialist in evolutionary biology at Glasgow University, said albino animals were caused by gene mutation.
Most albino animals look white--they have no coloring in their hair, feathers, or skin--and their eyes may look pink.
Grace Yoxon, of Skye-based International Otter Survival Fund, said: "It is extremely rare to see albino animals in the wild and to be able to get such a wonderful photo is exceptional."