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the congenital absence of pigmentation in the eyes and skin and hair

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4] in the propositions (7)-(9), and as referring to affairs3 in the proposition (10), one would never be able to arrive at a conclusion that a particular lion, tiger, or an albino animal should be worshiped by sacrifice (due, of course, to the fallacy of quattuor terminorum); if, on the other hand, the semantic reference of 'totem animal' would be fixed as affairs3, the propositions (7)--(9) would become 'analytically void'; and if the reference was [affairs.
If you were a wildlife service officer and you spotted an albino animal in the wild, would you catch it, and care for it in a protected area, or let it live its natural life?
However, these events are considered rare in wild populations (Walter, 1914) because albino animals are more susceptible to predation (Sazima and Di-Bernardo, 1991; Parsons and Bonderup-Nielsen, 1995) and there are a number of pathologies that can arise in association with the albinism, such as visual (Perez-Carpinell et al.
Dr Jon Barnes, a specialist in evolutionary biology at Glasgow University, said albino animals were caused by gene mutation.
Most albino animals look white--they have no coloring in their hair, feathers, or skin--and their eyes may look pink.
Grace Yoxon, of Skye-based International Otter Survival Fund, said: "It is extremely rare to see albino animals in the wild and to be able to get such a wonderful photo is exceptional.
She said people with the condition do not like being label led albinos and do not have red eyes like albino animals.
Albino animals usually have hard lives, especially when young.