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a person with congenital albinism: white hair and milky skin

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The Italian architect and designer Franco Albini passed away in 1977, but since his death, his stature has only grown.
Albini Group is a top European manufacturer of high-quality exclusive shirting fabrics and a real flagship of Made in Italy excellence.
But before he made a name for himself behind the mixing desk, Albini, right, was a fine musician in his own right leading bands such as Big Black and, later, Shellac.
MacKaye put it well, making the point that a good song and a strong performance will far outweigh a perfect recording "I've never had a great song ruined for me because of a bad bass tone"--or, in the words of Mr Albini, "The dirty secret of making records and I believe this goes up to the highest echelon of the recording industry--is that every engineer feels that he's not that good, and that sooner or later everyone in the room is going to figure it out."
Part of the improvement has to do with employing big-name producer Steve Albini, the Midwestern indie guru who's famous for helping the likes of Nirvana and PJ Harvey sound even edgier.
The album will be recorded by the legendary Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio studio in Chicago this April.