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a person with congenital albinism: white hair and milky skin

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Albini Group is a top European manufacturer of high-quality exclusive shirting fabrics and a real flagship of Made in Italy excellence.
In Shellac, his most durable outfit and now in their 21st year, Albini took his own punk and post-punk influences and shaped them into something new entirely using strange timings, syncopations and wonderfully skewed lyrics.
Albini emphasizes that, while the company has tried many design software products, SolidWorks's features and functionality have increased over the years to compete with higher-end solutions, at a price point comparable to much less capable systems.
These panels included the likes of Steve Albini, Don Zientara, Billy Anderson and Ian MacKaye speaking to thousands of self-diagnosed audio and gear geeks from around the world.
Part of the improvement has to do with employing big-name producer Steve Albini, the Midwestern indie guru who's famous for helping the likes of Nirvana and PJ Harvey sound even edgier.