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a Christian movement considered to be a medieval descendant of Manichaeism in southern France in the 12th and 13th centuries

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Works of extension, renewal, repair of sewerage - rainwater networks on the territory of the urban community of albigeois.
Les Albigeois sont presentes par Cesaire comme un fleau annonciateur de la fin des temps.
Etienne de Bourbon a evoque trois groupes d'heretiques auxquels il a ete confronte: les Vaudois, les heretiques du Mont-Aime en Champagne et les Albigeois.
Pour preuve, il se met lui-meme en scene en pays albigeois.
La croisade contre les Albigeois vue par Cesaire de Heisterbach.
40) For the category of the faidit, see Jean Duvernoy, 'Cathares et Faidits en Albigeois vers 1265-1275', Heresis, 3 (1984), 5-34; and P.
1836; "History of Southern Gaul Under the Rule of the German Conquerors"); a translation of a Provencal poem on the Albigensian Crusade--Histoire de la croisade contre les heretiques albigeois (1837; "History of the Crusade Against the Albigensian Heretics"); and two posthumously published works, Histoire de la poesie provencale , 3 vol.
of the territory of the agglomeration, - on the other hand, The execution of scheduled preventive or curative maintenance of individual sanitation facilities, Within the framework of maintenance agreements signed between the agglomeration and owners of individual installations in the territory of the greater albigeois on a voluntary basis.
Contract notice: Insurance services for the municipality of albi and the agglomeration community of albigeois (excluding statutory risks).
Excution de l~entretien prventif programm ou curatif ponctuel d~installations d~assainissement individuel, dans le cadre de conventions d~entretien signes entre l~agglomration et des propritaires d~installations individuelles du territoire du grand albigeois sur la base du volontariat.
Contract award notice: The purpose of this contract is to provide the various fuels required for all the services of the members of the control group set up by the Albigeois urban community, the town of Albi and the Communal Social Action Center ( CCAS) of the city of Albi.