Great Rift Valley

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( geology) a depression in southwestern Asia and eastern Africa

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The eight Albertine Rift parks cover a network of bamboo and rainforest on the slopes of volcanic mountains overlapping the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and DRC.
Clearly, Uganda's economy has benefited by the discovery of oil in the Albertine Rift basin along the border with the DR.
The Albertine rift stretches from southern Sudan through the Lake Albert valley to southwest Uganda.
Among other projects, it supports the International Gorilla Conservation Ranger-based Monitoring Program that protects mountain gorillas in the Albertine Rift of Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
One of the oldest rainforests in Africa, Nyungwe Forest in southwestern Rwanda once covered the Albertine Rift from the Ruwenzoris in the north to what is now Burundi.
Projects include using geographical information systems to determine how a rise in sea level will impact coastal ecosystems and communities in the Caribbean, Madagascar, and Melanesia, and developing models to determine how specific species' elevational distribution will change in the Andes, the Himalayas, and Africa's Albertine Rift.