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one of the three prairie provinces in western Canada

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8% of Albertans indicated they would prefer a tax cut to any additional federal infrastructure spending.
According to a survey by Bank of Montreal (NYSE: BMO), Albertans are more prepared for an eventuality in their lives than other Canadians.
These proposed amendments are a small way of extending our gratitude, along with the gratitude of all Albertans, and is--quite simply--the right thing to do.
We remain confident that the New Royalty Framework is the right plan over the long-term to produce the results Albertans expect both at higher and lower prices," said Energy Minister Mel Knight.
Fortunately, within a few weeks of my return, several leading Albertans convinced me to gain a more nuanced perception of the principal drivers of Alberta's economy and their effects on its people and natural resources.
Albertans -- Real Estate has proven to be a solid investment for Albertans--and Canmore allows families to enjoy weekends and holidays in a sophisticated, unspoiled mountain setting.
Many Albertans will remember our collective disappointment when the Senate failed to protect our interests while a majority of Canadian representatives imposed the NEP (1980), and our discomfort when the constitution was repatriated without Quebec's signature (1982).
Details are lacking at this stage but Klein promises It will offer Albertans "enhanced or optional health services for those who both want it and can afford it.
Since the program was launched in October, Albertans have been dropping off unwanted televisions and computers to more than 75 collection locations across the province.
A report released by the Parkland Institute finds that Albertans are very concerned about the health of democracy in the province.
By working with the Writers Guild, the producers and the broadcasters, we were able to do some gentle arm-twisting to ensure that Albertans were afforded opportunities.
Over 85% of those Albertans who voted in the last election voted for a government that would demonstrate fiscal responsibility by balancing the budget.
This decision also gives the appearance of a disregard for a resource which took decades and billions of dollars validly invested by Albertans to develop.
Albertans will have a say on new rules for workplace harassment and violence and joint work site health and safety committees.
com)-- Released today, an Alberta-wide public opinion survey on federal government infrastructure spending reveals significant support among Albertans for private sector participation in infrastructure.