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one of the three prairie provinces in western Canada

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As the Government of Alberta is responsible for ensuring Albertans have access to a fair justice system, it will be leading the review.
On the other hand, Albertans are vigorously entrepreneurial and have extensively exploited natural advantages of their province (underground resources being a provincial monopoly).
The article states that "according to Alberta Health Services, 90 per cent of Albertans in need of spine surgery face wait times between 26 and 37.
It has been an honor to serve Albertans as AIMCo's first Chair.
In 1938, twelve years after selling the newspaper, he expressed that thought in a column for the new Albertan (1) owners.
This collection is available to all Albertans for use in the library.
8% of Albertans indicated they would prefer a tax cut to any additional federal infrastructure spending.
Based on their findings, between five and seven per cent of Albertans will develop a kidney stone in their lifetime, says Alexander.
According to a survey by Bank of Montreal (NYSE: BMO), Albertans are more prepared for an eventuality in their lives than other Canadians.
Alberta Employment and Immigration provides vital services to Albertans and having reliable technology supporting these services needs to be a given," said Doug McCuaig, president, CGI, Canada.
A nation-wide study of dialysis patients suggest that Albertans are receiving, on average, twice the amount of daily calcium recommended by Health Canada while some are taking in up to four times the suggested dosage.
Having reservist leave as Bill 1 sends a strong message to Albertans that Premier Ed Stelmach and his legislature colleagues are in full support of the Canadian Forces.
We must act to provide stability, particularly for those junior oil and gas companies that are often fully Alberta-owned, and employ thousands of Albertans in areas of the province that are especially vulnerable right now.
One rather wishes the author and publisher had had the fortitude to stick with the original title: Albertans Are Stupid.
According to van Herk, Albertans are mavericks because they step outside the box as it were, refuse to do what they are told, are risk takers, display loud laughter when they fall flat on their faces, and then get up to proceed undaunted.