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one of the three prairie provinces in western Canada

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The plot is based on an Albertan story from Prohibition years, when a young immigrant Italian woman was hanged for the murder of an RCMP officer.
According to a National Post poll in 2001, almost half of Albertans favour constitutional reform that would sharply cut the power of the federal government.
At the end of the film, Rosanne, having learned the truth, embraces Lily and offers her and her children a place to live in her shabby little house, amid the Albertan wilderness.
report and make recommendations to the Legislative Assembly, the Minister of Health and all Albertans.
and "How do Albertans deal with competing demands from land-use?
As long as market prices continue to exceed the oil sands' production costs per barrel--and costs are likely to fall still further--their full exploration is sufficient to underpin a red-hot Albertan economy for the next 25 to 50 years.
By working with the Writers Guild, the producers and the broadcasters, we were able to do some gentle arm-twisting to ensure that Albertans were afforded opportunities.
Over 85% of those Albertans who voted in the last election voted for a government that would demonstrate fiscal responsibility by balancing the budget.
13) "City of Calgary 'Operation Lifesaver,'" Advertisement, The Albertan, September 14, 1955.
In April, 1913, the Calgary Albertan carried a front-page story alleging that local stores were hiring under-age girls as clerks and requiring them to work long hours under difficult conditions.
And it is the rare Albertan that would accept the levels of defense/security commitment standard for U.
Mac is a true Albertan with the investment experience and business acumen necessary to effectively guide AIMCo through the next stage of its ongoing evolution.
In 1938, twelve years after selling the newspaper, he expressed that thought in a column for the new Albertan (1) owners.
Analyzing these individuals and their place in Albertan society their stance in politics, and the constant clash with those around them.
An exchange with Albertan scientist David Schindler at the end of Chapter 9 captures the essence of this petty myopia, as Schindler reacts to Marsden's description of an Alberta without oil, forests or water circa 2100.