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one of the three prairie provinces in western Canada

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If one also considers the increasing global demand for oil and the royalties the industry brings to the provincial coffers, it becomes even easier to understand why the mining of oil sands continues to dominate the Albertan mining industry.
Years later, the Albertan's publisher made the following observation: "On January 1, 1911, Miss Ethel Heydon joined the Albertan staff as the first woman editor, and the addition of the women's department marked a new epoch in Albertan newspapers.
Only part of the answer is tied to that now famous Albertan institution, the Heritage Savings Trust Fund.
Realism and romantic western imagery resurface in her contemporary family drama Cowboys Don't Cry (1988), a story about a troubled father-son relationship set against the landscape of Albertan ranches and rodeos.
We are implementing sweeping, fundamental and structural change that will forever alter the role of government; how programs and services are delivered; and Albertans expectations of Government.
In the Albertan mining sector, a few notions are widely agreed upon; one of them is the future growth of the coal industry.
Proposed changes to the Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act would better protect Albertans and support injured workers.
8% of Albertans indicated they would prefer a tax cut to any additional federal infrastructure spending.
Global Banking News-September 5, 2012--BMO survey says Albertans most prepared for eventualities(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
Expanded mental health and addictions programs will mean better outcomes for Albertans coping with mental illness and addiction.
Having reservist leave as Bill 1 sends a strong message to Albertans that Premier Ed Stelmach and his legislature colleagues are in full support of the Canadian Forces.
We must act to provide stability, particularly for those junior oil and gas companies that are often fully Alberta-owned, and employ thousands of Albertans in areas of the province that are especially vulnerable right now.
The Ministry of Advanced Education and Technology's 2008-11 business plan identifies how it plans to work over the next three years to enhance advanced learning opportunities and innovation for all Albertans.
Albertans experiencing increasing prosperity and looking to invest wisely
Hard to believe, isn't it, that Albertans have spent at least 25 years pursuing senate reform without getting anywhere?