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one of the three prairie provinces in western Canada

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The nature of that change was summarized some years later by Calgary journalist Irene Price who argued for the importance of a large and vigorous women's section in the Albertan as follows: "There is little doubt that it is nearly always the housewife who subscribes to the paper, and from the advertisers' viewpoint, is it essential that the paper be taken into the homes." (8) The rival Calgary Herald had introduced its women's section in July, 1910, devoting most space to social chit chat and society notes, and Ethel similarly started her career with reports on teas and weddings.
Partly as a result of innovations such as these, the Albertan economy did diversify during the last oil boom.
Realism and romantic western imagery resurface in her contemporary family drama Cowboys Don't Cry (1988), a story about a troubled father-son relationship set against the landscape of Albertan ranches and rodeos.
We are implementing sweeping, fundamental and structural change that will forever alter the role of government; how programs and services are delivered; and Albertans expectations of Government.
By working with the Writers Guild, the producers and the broadcasters, we were able to do some gentle arm-twisting to ensure that Albertans were afforded opportunities.
"First-hand conversations with Albertans will help ensure our actions truly reflect where Albertans are today.
* The vast majority of Albertans (87%) have participated in some form of farm-to-fork tourism over the past 12 months.*
Faron Ellis of the Citizens Society Research Lab revealed that Albertans oppose the plan by the federal government to fully fund the New International Trade Crossing (NITC), a bridge that would compete with the privately-owned Ambassador Bridge for the declining traffic crossing the Detroit River.
Global Banking News-September 5, 2012--BMO survey says Albertans most prepared for eventualities(C)2012 ENPublishing -
Expanded mental health and addictions programs will mean better outcomes for Albertans coping with mental illness and addiction.