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German Nazi architect who worked for Hitler (1905-1981)


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Illustrating values of heroism, patriotism and glory through classical ideals of strength, beautyand obvious symbolic attributes, the statues are, interestingly, not a million miles from the form and iconography of the work Hitler's court sculptor Albert Speer was doing less than a decade later.
I had one of the best groups of professional statisticians and economists ever assembled, full access to all the basic German documents and statistics and to the relevant officials and generals, from Albert Speer on down.
Major specification of the offices Albert Speer & Partner is to introduce the future inside the green belt to the south of the city center to the Rhine.
CW talks to AS&P managing partner Professor Albert Speer about his involvement with Qatar's stadia plans for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
Beyond mere urban alienation, his towering structures and their ant-like inhabitants anticipate a peculiarly 20th-century version of hell; these architectural fantasies have more than a touch of Albert Speer, Hitler's architect, about them.
Initially a Luftwaffe project, it eventually fell under the control of armaments minister Albert Speer before being taken over once again in 1944 by Kammler.
It was designed by Hitler's architect, Albert Speer, and remains the most well-preserved relic of that cursed period of German history.
Thus, a general goal setting and rule by committee to remove inefficiencies led to great success for armaments minister Albert Speer and his associates.
Awaiting trial at Nuremberg, Albert Speer recalls his relationship with Adolf Hitler, from the early days of staging Nazi rallies to redesigning Berlin and his final year as Armaments Minister.
Albert Speer was a Nazi who profited from the Holocaust and was responsible for the slave labour of thousands of Jews.
The 76,000 seat stadium, designed by Nazi architect Albert Speer for the 1936 Olympics, is being overhauled to host games during football's 2006 World Cup.
After visiting Alfried Krupp, he remarked that his host was "about the last man one would casually think of as a war criminal" Convinced that Albert Speer was wrongly tried and convicted, Bruce went to Spandau prison, vigorously shook Speer's hand and said, "You aren't forgotten.
S'n am Gitta Sereny yr ydw i ac er i rai deimlo iddi fod yn rhy gydymdeimladwy tuag at bobl megis y llofrudd Mary Bell, a Franz Stangl sef un o arweinwyr yr Holocost, ac yna Albert Speer a fu'n ddyn pwysig yn llywodraeth Hitler, daliodd ei thir.
Even at 77, Professor Albert Speer is not thinking about giving up his passion.