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English portrait painter and first president of the Royal Academy (1723-1792)

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Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness said: "Albert Reynolds showed tremendous courage, Albert was a peacemaker.
"Albert Reynolds was highly regarded by David Ervine and Gusty Spence through his engagement with them to reassure loyalists around the intentions of the Irish Government following the ceasefires.
It's probably only possible when Albert Reynolds came in as a bit of an outsider, that he was able to turn some of that around."
| THEY DECLARE: It was a momentous day in modern Anglo-Irish history when PM John Major and Taoiseach Albert Reynolds signed up in a bid to end 25 years of bombing and murder in Northern Ireland
SAD PROCESSION: Albert Reynolds with mourners as Joe (right) makes his final journey
Fans were held back by bouncers as guests, including former Irish Prime Minister Albert Reynolds and millionaire JP McManus, arrived.
Ireland has been hit particularly hard by the sexual abuse scandal, with the 1994 government of then-Prime Minister Albert Reynolds resigning over its handling of one case.
Chairman Albert Reynolds also told shareholders that the Libyan Government had asked Bula to submit a development plan for the Chadar field which it would do in early October.
The Paddocks was the family home of Albert Reynolds Jr, son of the former Taoiseach, and he stands to make a big profit having bought it for [euro]1.58million in 2015.
She paid tribute to fellow peace process architects Irish premiers Albert Reynolds and Bertie Ahern and John Hume of the SDLP.
Albert Reynolds, 63, of Lands wood Close, Kingstanding, claimed Carer's Allowance of pounds 10,291 for 11 years by stating he had to look after his wife, Georgina.
1994 Irish Prime Minister Albert Reynolds waited on the tarmac at Shannon Airport to meet Boris Yeltsin.
Celebrities including horse-racing magnate JP McManus and former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds rubbed shoulders with passers-by at the Riverdance star's wedding to sweetheart Niamh O'Brien.
Former Irish Prime Minister Albert Reynolds yesterday won the right for a new trial after a libel case that left him with just 1p damages.
The Co Longford man was the nephew of ex-Taoiseach Albert Reynolds and was also behind the former Tripod and Crawdaddy venues, and the Market Bar and Idlewild Bar in Dublin.