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Vice President of the United States under Bill Clinton (born in 1948)

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The son of Senator Albert Gore, an up-from-poverty child of the Depression, Gore had been a virtual grown-up since he was a child, raised to perform in the company of important adults.
It remains to be seen whether his successor, be that Albert Gore or George Bush Jr.
All these years distant, the son emulates Hull, too, and not just in terms of style: "Many of Hull's basic political convictions--his belief in progressive taxation, internationalism, and free trade were bequeathed to Albert Gore," the authors note, "and then to son Al.
As James Adams put it in an October 13, 1996, London Times story, "Reporters all knew[ldots]that Albert Gore III, the 13-year-old son of the vice-president, had been suspended from school earlier this year for smoking marijuana.
Address it to the Honorable Albert Gore, vice president of the United States and Democratic presidential nominee.
In contrast, he views less favorably, as reflecting the bureaucratic polyarchy he opposes, the environmental studies by Albert Gore and by the World Watch Institute's State of the World.
Politics was close at hand: it was Vice President and presidential candidate Albert Gore who announced the administration's plans.
On biotechnology, Vice President Albert Gore typifies Washington's scientifically challenged ways.
The mystique that somehow having computers is enough to assure success in information and in education is perhaps best exemplified by the present federal argument, expressed by Vice President Albert Gore, that the solution to our educational problems is making sure that all school children have computers.
and Democratic Presidential hopeful, quoted in the Des Moines Register about the lessons he learned growing up with his father, Senator Albert Gore Sr.
Away from the historic proceedings, the President yesterday kicked off a conference on reforming social security and planned to attend a Tennessee memorial service for former Senator Albert Gore, the vice-President's father, who died on Saturday.
The man I want to read about now is Albert Gore Junior.
Vice President Albert Gore noted in June, "gives us a picture of what the future may hold" if we do not get on with lessening our burden on the greenhouse.
Acting on a bill introduced by Senator Albert Gore, Sr.
Geller "psychi- cally charged" a teddy bear and sent it to six-year-old Albert Gore, who made a quick recovery.