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a leading German painter and engraver of the Renaissance (1471-1528)


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Lot 4: Albert Durer Special School ~, AD S 2, about 56.
Blake signalled the relationship of his own work to that of Durer, declaring in his Descriptive Catalogue (1809): 'Till we get rid of Titian and Correggio, Rubens and Rembrandt, We shall never equal Rafael and Albert Durer [sic], Michael Angelo, and Julio Romano'.
Palimpsest (1) is a word selected by the artist for his exhibition by which he means a kind of paper that can be reused by deleting the sketches on it, a form used mainly by Albert Durer and Leonardo Da Vinci in the history of art.
Part of the brief but brilliant movement known as renaissance of the North, which included Albert Durer and Mathias Grunewald, Holbein was able to grasp and depict the human image in a way that eluded his contemporaries (4).
Il saggio si incentra soprattutto sul romanzo Il fuoco, ed in particolare sull'ekphrasis della famosa allegoria della malinconia di Albert Durer, che lo scrittrore abruzzese trasforma "da simbolo di sterilita a simbolo della fertilita creativa" (144).