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prince consort of Queen Victoria of England (1819-1861)

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By her side stood her only remaining son, Albert, a bright-looking little fellow of fourteen years.
Keep close to yer mammy, Albert,--close,--dey'll put us up togedder," she said.
But these favourable sentiments on the part of the Grand Master were greatly shaken by the intelligence that Albert had received within a house of religion the Jewish captive, and, as was to be feared, the paramour of a brother of the Order; and when Albert appeared before him, be was regarded with unwonted sternness.
The Grand Master thinks otherwise,'' said Mont-Fitchet; ``and, Albert, I will be upright with thee wizard or not, it were better that this miserable damsel die, than that Brian de Bois-Guilbert should be lost to the Order, or the Order divided by internal dissension.
Eastward, over the blackened ruins of the Albert Terrace and the splintered spire of the church, the sun blazed daz- zling in a clear sky, and here and there some facet in the great wilderness of roofs caught the light and glared with a white intensity.
Northward were Kilburn and Hampsted, blue and crowded with houses; westward the great city was dimmed; and southward, beyond the Martians, the green waves of Regent's Park, the Langham Hotel, the dome of the Albert Hall, the Imperial Institute, and the giant mansions of the Brompton Road came out clear and little in the sunrise, the jagged ruins of Westminster rising hazily beyond.
I promised to marry Ted Pringle, and I promised to marry Joe Blossom, and I promised to marry Albert Parsons.
And presently, behold, in another field, whistling meditatively and regardless of impending ill, Albert Parsons.
Albert Price also wished to get through the necessary business quickly so that he could get back to London.
At last he and Albert Price followed the hearse to the cemetery at Montparnasse.
And so presently Bert found himself sitting to eat in the presence of the "German Alexander"--that great and puissant Prince, Prince Karl Albert, the War Lord, the hero of two hemispheres.
Too long has it been avoided, Albert has called Marion 'dear' only as yet (between you and me these are not their real names), but though the public will probably read the word without blinking, it went off in my hands with a bang.
Lieutenant Albert Werper had only the prestige of the name he had dishonored to thank for his narrow escape from being cashiered.
First of all, Samuel Dundee an' Agnes Hewitt; the next day Albert Mahan an' Minnie Duncan; an' by the week-end Eddie Troy and Flo Mackintosh--all sailor-men, an' un sux weeks' time the last of them back tull their ships an' awa', an' no one o' them dreamin' of the wuckedness they'd been ot.
And then he dived into the coffee-room, and she heard him say, "For God's sake, hurry the women up; we shall never be off," and Albert Fussell reply, "Not I; I've done my share," and Colonel Fussell opine that the ladies were getting themselves up to kill.