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United States politician and lawyer

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Not until ALBEN BARKLEY in 1949 was the vice president catted "The Veep," a term coined by a young Barkley relative.
John Adams aptly noted when he was George Washington's number two, "I am nothing but I may be everything." The constitutional snub led to a long line of obscure vice presidents, including Richard Johnson, George Dallas, and William King from the nineteenth century and Charles Dawes and Alben Barkley in the last century.
1952 was the last election in which no sitting president or Vice President ran in the general election: President Harry Truman did not run for re-election, but Vice President Alben Barkley did run (unsuccessfully) for the Democratic nomination.
The ghost of Alben Barkley is being resurrected because Vice President Gore is thought to be in some danger of losing the Democratic nomination--a notion that seemed all but impossible until only recently.
1) Alben Barkley (not Charles) 2) George Clinton (not Bill) 3) Schuyler Colfax (not Sandy Koufax) 4) Hannibal Hamlin (not Lecter)
The masterly statement of our keynote speaker, the distinguished United States senator from Kentucky, Alben Barkley, made that point with great force.
And, as Eric Ostermeier of the University of Minnesota pointed out, that's the lowest primary margin for an incumbent Kentucky senator since 1938, when Alben Barkley did not have the advantage of an opponent who was linked to fighting roosters.