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a native or inhabitant of Albania

the Indo-European language spoken by the people of Albania

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Albanians should first realize their collective rights and then join the decision-making process in the state institutions with a full consensus, stop the economic discrimination of the Albanians, and then discuss equal civil rights.
Branislav Sinadinovski, special advisor to BDI leader Ali Ahmeti, said before the entire leadership of BDI at the Friday promotion of his book "Orthodox Albanians in the Republic of Macedonia", with which the Day of the Albanian Flag was celebrated, that holding services in the Albanian language was not enough.
Through her, Albanians could tell the world that they should not be judged only on the basis of their poverty, that poor as some of them are, they are also an immensely spiritual and humanitarian people who "can produce inspiring figures of world stature".
Albanians torched dozens of Serb churches, some dating back to the 13th century.
The riots were fueled by rumors--demonstrated to be utterly false--that a gang of Serbs with dogs had driven three Albanian boys into a river, where they drowned.
Moderate Albanians defeated former guerrillas in recent Kosovo local elections.
Since the collapse of the Communist regime in the early '90s, Albanians have been streaming into the country both legally and otherwise-even, in some cases, entering surreptiously on mafiosi motorboats.
It failed to protect the Kosovo Albanians from Serbian war crimes.
The Yugoslav withdrawal left in its wake new scenes of jubilation among Kosovo's Albanians, as well as fresh acts of retribution even as the 18,000 NATO troops now in the battered province moved, with mixed success, to exert a semblance of control.
Ethnic Albanians rebelled, triggering the Serbian attacks that brought the bombings by NATO.
Thus he highlights the significance of poetry both to ordinary Albanians and to the Albanian intellectual class.
The case of the Albanian nation is a uniquely notorious example of the selective application of this concept in the sense that only a little more than three million Albanians live in an Albanian state.
Albanians will go to the polls for national elections for only the second time in 50 years on March 22.
The two children's centers established by the Pavarotti & Friends funding are in Orahovac, an area approximately one hour from the capital Pristina, where Albanians and Serbs are living uneasily beside each other in the tense post-conflict period.
Nowadays, the political representatives of the Albanians in Macedonia don't have a clear picture about the economy, the Albanian education, flag, language, representation, etc.
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