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a native or inhabitant of Albania

the Indo-European language spoken by the people of Albania

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"There is no greater interest to Albanians than Macedonia's NATO and EU membership," Osmani said.
Branislav Sinadinovski, special advisor to BDI leader Ali Ahmeti, said before the entire leadership of BDI at the Friday promotion of his book "Orthodox Albanians in the Republic of Macedonia", with which the Day of the Albanian Flag was celebrated, that holding services in the Albanian language was not enough.
Through her, Albanians could tell the world that they should not be judged only on the basis of their poverty, that poor as some of them are, they are also an immensely spiritual and humanitarian people who "can produce inspiring figures of world stature".
Albanians torched dozens of Serb churches, some dating back to the 13th century.
The riots were fueled by rumors--demonstrated to be utterly false--that a gang of Serbs with dogs had driven three Albanian boys into a river, where they drowned.
Moderate Albanians defeated former guerrillas in recent Kosovo local elections.
In his native Kosovo, well before the province became the staging ground for geopolitical conflict, the now thirty year-old artist created street installations and staged performances to protest the "Balkan apartheid" under which he and his fellow Kosovo Albanians were living.
It failed to protect the Kosovo Albanians from Serbian war crimes.
"Today, Albanians, wherever they are, are celebrating 28 November, a great day.
The comparative approach that Nova Makedonija's reporters conducted in the regions dominantly populated by ethnic Albanians revealed that citizens recognize the increasingly pronounced disinterest of the Albanian parties to meet the fundamental civil interests and improve the quality of life of ethnic Albanians by way of carrying out infrastructure projects.
More than 1,300 ethnic Albanians, fleeing Serb violence in Kosovo, have reached Turkey over the past three days.
Another Serb we met, a shopkeeper, said he had friends and customers among the Albanians. He came close to tears when he talked about the Albanian woman who used to take care of his children.
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