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a native or inhabitant of Albania

the Indo-European language spoken by the people of Albania

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An ethnic Albanian human rights organisation reported fighting continued yesterday across northern and central Kosovo.
They accuse us of Albanian nationalism but that nationalism is the same as the European nationalism, for peace here, and for free and peaceful Europe.
But in what Belgrade pointed to as a victory, the proposals accepted Thursday do not include a new examination of Kosovo's sovereignty after three years or any referendum on that topic, as did the draft proposals accepted in March in Rambouillet, France, by the Albanian side only.
But the new Albanian state, also proclaimed in 1912, demanded Kosovo as well.
University professor Stevo Pendarovski considers that there is great possibility that Albanian citizens will again vote for the Macedonian political parties on the next elections in 2016.
The last protest of the Albanian diaspora was held a few days ago outside the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels under the motto "Stop to Violence against Albanians in FYROM, "at which the Albanian National Council of Benelux asked of BDI to walk out of the government as a result of the latest interethnic tensions, the intention of which was to show through the media that it is Albanians who cause incidents, for which BDI is to blame.
Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was indicted Thursday by the International Criminal Tribunal, which accused him and four aides of personal responsibility for the persecution, deportation and murders of hundreds of thousands of ethnic Albanians forced from their Kosovo homeland by Serb forces.
In a subsequent action, the Serb police said they killed five Albanian "terrorists.
Leader of BESA Movement, Bilal Kasami and member of the coordinative body Zeqirija Ibrahimi Wednesday met with Albanian Ambassador Fatos Reka and informed him about the BESA platform and its organization in Macedonia.
Twenty-nine others are expected to soon join two other Albanian Muslim families, in Sherman Oaks and Altadena.
The experience thought us that Albanians have always been used as cannon meat or as "lure" in certain situations to create distraction from the real problems", stressed Polozani, calling upon the Albanian public--not to fall for the manipulations of the Macedonian parties.
Demonstrators also threw rocks at the British and Albanian embassies and gathered at the German Embassy in another diplomatic neighborhood.
We notice that the so-called "bombs" of the opposition leader Zoran Zaev look more like party sprinklers than detonations, which cannot make the rotten system collapse, assessed the Association of Albanian Political Prisoners.
Before the war, which started March 24, the province was nearly 90 percent ethnic Albanian.
Factors which stimulate Albanians to expatriate are: the non-integration of Macedonia in NATO and EU, the regress policy of the Government, the discrimination based on ethnic motives, the huge unemployment of Albanians, the lack of rudimental infrastructure, the 1 percent capital investment and the destruction of the Albanian education", stressed Aliu.