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According to him, although Kosovo celebrated the 10th anniversary of independence, the Albanian issue has not yet been fully resolved, as Albanians from Macedonia do not have all the rights.
and the role that representatives of the Albanian community have played with regard to our countrys national cause and development.
Macedonian priests say they are particularly surprised that this plans have been revealed after they decided to allow the holding of a religious service in the Albanian language in the memory of Kristo Bageri and of other services if believers request them.
Orhan Pamuk's book "Istanbul-Memories and the City" in Albanian was introduced at the Albanian Parliament.
Sava Janjic of the Decani monastery in Kosovo, "Kosovo Albanians have an obsession to create an ethnically clean Albanian state, and believe that as long as there is a single Serbian Orthodox church either from the Middle Ages or the modern age, they would never be able to say Kosovo fully belongs to them.
The riots were fueled by rumors--demonstrated to be utterly false--that a gang of Serbs with dogs had driven three Albanian boys into a river, where they drowned.
Second, Western officials discounted predictions of an Albanian insurgency because, aside from Schindler, those making the predictions were the "bad guys": Macedonian Slav nationalists who were openly hateful towards Albanians and, in some cases, linked to Milosevic's regime in Belgrade.
Italy is the destination of choice for many Albanian immigrants.
Fears grew that the ethnic Albanian rebels of the Kosovo Liberation Army will seek violent revenge against the province's Serbs as the Yugoslav army continues its withdrawal under the international peace deal's terms.
Serb forces have tried to suppress Kosovo's ethnic Albanian rebels for more than a year.
Meanwhile, fighting raged across Kosovo as ethnic Albanian rebels, encouraged by Nato raids, launched attacks against police and soldiers.
Writer Kim Mehmeti, comments all the racket and euphoria concerning the Albanian language, with the statement that "those who are proud of this act, especially the Albanian prime minister--lie, because the use of the Albanian language is only improved".
I am a completely apolitical person, an ethnic Albanian intellectual, successful in her career of an artist, told Nova Makedonija's reporter.
According to constitutional law experts, any broader use of the Albanian language, even if it only concerns technical use in official documents between ethnic Albanian civil servants, is unconstitutional and in contravention of the law on use of languages of ethnic communities and stands for promotion of the Albanian language into a second official language in the country.
In 1994, when the KLA was an embryonic menace, France's Observatire Geopolitique Des Drogues (a counter-narcotics bureau working with the European Commission) reported that "heroin shipment and marketing networks are taking root among ethnic Albanian communities in Albania, Macedonia, and the Kosovo province of Serbia, in order to finance large purchases of weapons destined .